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Many people do not know that we are currently facing the peak of Scorpio season. While it will be over soon, we still need to do our best to keep our composure in the meantime.

While the Scorpio is a sign full of passion and intensity it is also a sign that brings a lot of turmoil to others. When we are all feeling the influence of the scorpion we tend to be nothing like our usual selves. We become quite jealous and more-so stressed for a number of reasons.

Every sign is impacted by Scorpio season in some way and each of us will take something away from this experience. You will want to be more in control of things you simply cannot control and the struggles within your being will become more outlined. Below I am going to go over some of the lessons you need to remember as the rest of Scorpio season goes by.

3 Lessons We All Need To Remember As Scorpio Season Peaks:

1. Your intuition should not be ignored.

During this time your intuition is going to be sharing a lot of things with you that it normally wouldn’t. You’re about to really begin to see your intuition for what it is and you shouldn’t be ignoring it any longer. The energies before you are going to be increasing your intuition for a reason. Scorpio season is one that could be considered highly intuitive. Once all is said and done you will respect your gut instinct much more strongly.

2. Jealousy causes more pain than it’s worth.

During Scorpio season we feel a lot of jealousy and while it might be something you aren’t used to, it is something you need to learn from. Jealousy causes a lot more pain than it is worth and you’re not missing out as much as you think you are. This lesson might be hard to learn but it is important to learn.

3. You are much stronger than you realize.

Scorpio season is going to be pushing you big time and remembering that you are a strong individual is going to make a difference in how things end up. You are a powerful person and you need to remember this! Never clet the world get you down. The things Scorpio season are throwing your way will pass soon, don’t give in.

Things are going to be a lot more frustrating as Scorpio season continues on but it is nothing you cannot handle. The changes you make during this time will stick with you in the months to come. Don’t forget the things listed above and see where this whole ordeal takes you. To learn more about Scorpio season check out the video below.

(Image Via: Pixabay)