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Narcissists are quite present in the world today and while we do use the word loosely, when it comes to real narcissists we have to be cautious. Sure, conversing with them might seem harmless but it rarely ever actually is.

For those who might be confused narcissists are people who have something many refer to as NPD or narcissistic personality disorder. They are very manipulative and usually go out of their way to make sure that they can use the people around them for their own benefit. These kinds of people feel like they are better than everyone else and usually show little remorse when they hurt others.

While cutting ties with these kinds of people completely is the best means of dealing with them, that is not always possible. Sometimes in the work world or perhaps within our families we can limit our exposure and contact overall with these people but still have to see and speak with them on rare occasions. When this kind of situation arises being aware of how to properly communicate with a narcissist is crucial.

Below you will find several rules to go by for when this kind of thing happens. While you might not want to talk to them at all, doing these things can make things go over smoothly and quickly. By keeping these rules in mind you can keep the narcissist from causing alarm within your own mind and keep drama off your back.

3 Very Important Rules For Communicating With Narcissists:

1. Keep the conversation simple.

Make small-talk with the narcissist if you must but don’t dive into serious topics. Sure, you can share some things about yourself and your life but don’t give them anything that they can or will use against you. Just be vague and closed off in general regardless of how hard they end up pushing.

2. Do not engage in gossip.

While the narcissist will try to draw you into their gossip/drama-wave, do not let them. When they bring up someone else says something nice about them or simply change the subject within reason. When it comes to changing the subject you can usually always get the narcissist off-topic by asking them something about themselves, they love to talk about themselves.

3. Just shrug off their jabs.

When the narcissist sees that you’re not interested in engaging properly with them they will make jabs at you. Shrug those off all the while maintaining your positive disposition. This might make them a bit frustrated but it will prevent things from escalating in any real sense of the word.

Narcissists are not easy to talk to, but they are also not hard to deal with when you know what you’re doing. You can get through any family gathering or work event if you keep the things listed above in mind. You’re capable of a lot more than you might realize.