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As Empaths we often forget that we do not have to prove ourselves to other people. This world makes us feel as if we owe it to the world to explain everything, but we really don’t.

For those who may not know Empaths are people who can sense and really feel on a very real level the emotions of others. These emotions are often absorbed by the Empath, and if the Empath is not as educated on his or her gift will control the Empath’s life as a whole. When you are fixing everyone else at some point you will come to a standstill and wonder, who is going to be there to fix you when you need to be fixed?

We must set boundaries, that is the answer to this question. No one is going to come in on a white horse and save us from the emotions of everyone else and they damn sure are not going to save us from our own. Healthy boundaries are very important for the Empath. When it comes to maintaining these boundaries I have found several affirmations that really do the trick.

Remember these affirmations each and every day and say them to yourself as often as you can. I try to spend time repeating these during meditation sessions before and after work. These affirmations help keep me grounded in all that I do and allow me to remain balanced in life. I do not overdo things anymore because I know that in order protect others I must first protect myself.

3 Affirmations Empaths Need to Know:

1. It is okay to release what is not yours to feel.

There is nothing wrong with letting go of the negative emotions when they become too much for you. You must remember that you can read everything that everyone is feeling guarding yourself is necessary. We are all human and if someone else’s emotions are too much for you, let them go.

2. You don’t have to fix everything for everyone.

Sometimes there will be people you can do nothing for and that is okay. There is nothing wrong with moving on from someone without having helped them at all. Lots of people need to go through the things they are going through in order to learn a valuable lesson. The universe will guide you right past them if you aren’t meant to help them.

3. What other people are feeling is not your business.

Just because you can sense that someone is upset doesn’t mean that you are entitled to ask them about it or pry into their lives. Sometimes you must just accept things for how they are and go about your business. There will be people in this world who do not want your help and there is nothing wrong with that.

These things will help you to learn not to overdo yourself or your gift. You must allow yourself time to relax and you should never overstep your boundaries. For more information on Empaths in general check out the video below.