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Clairsentient people are those who can feel the emotional states of others be it the past or present states. They are very different from an empath but often are confused as such.

Clairsentience is actually a much more common psychic gift than we realize and most of us are not even aware that we have it. Basically, it means ‘clear-feeling. When a person is clairsentient they are able to resonate with all kinds of energetic vibrations. Empaths are able to read but they are not able to really sense things of the past or of the future in the ways clairsentients are.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs you might be clairsentient. If all of these things sound like you, you might be more gifted than you initially thought. There is always more to our stories than we can see.

27 Things That Might Indicate You Are A Clairsentient:

1. You don’t spend your time with just anyone.

You are not someone that is willing to waste time on just anyone. Most people leave you feeling out of place or drained. You only surround yourself with people who build you up.

2. You are very social within your group.

You are a social butterfly around the people you are comfortable with. You aren’t as closed off as most would think. You are more like an extroverted introvert in more ways than most.

3. You understand the energies of the world.

You know that the world is full of energies. You understand all too well that everything has its own energy and vibration. This is something most people struggle to fathom.

4. You are very wise for your age.

You are far wiser than you should be. You know things others would never and you are able to give great advice. You could easily be considered an old soul.

5. You are quick to get to the root of the problems others are facing.

You are usually fast when it comes to figuring out what is going on in someone else’s life. Their problems present themselves to you without words. You are able to resolve most of the things people come to you with and the things they don’t.

6. You always knew that you were different growing up.

When you were younger you felt as if you stood out like a sore thumb. You were different and are different. Other people just don’t understand you.

7. You are sensitive to your own emotions.

You are very sensitive. Your emotions are far more intense than the emotions of others. But you refuse to ever bottle them up.

8. You know the true intentions of others.

You are able to read people. When someone intends to do harm it shows. You pick up on their negativity quickly.

9. When the truth is brought to light it gives you a chill.

When everything is finally said and done it is as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. You are very resolution oriented. The chills you are feeling are normal, don’t worry.

10. As a child people considered you to be too sensitive.

People always told you not to take things so hard when you were younger. You always took everything to heart and didn’t know how to control yourself. Even in some of the silliest situations, you had to work hard to overcome.

11. You form impressions of those you meet instantly.

You feel the energies of those around you. When you meet someone new that energy leaves an impression on you. While sometimes it is a bit off you always feel these things as they happen.

12. You know things without being told.

You just know things; sometimes answers just come to you. Even when you don’t expect them to they present themselves.

13. Negative people or energies make you feel nauseous.

When you are around negativity for too long it literally makes you sick. You feel as if something is weighing you down. Your stomach begins churning and you don’t know what to do.

14. You describe some places as ‘heavier’ than others.

You describe places with more negative energy as heavy. This is because you can feel the weight of their aura. Other people cannot feel this.

15. When something bad happens you react strongly.

When something happens in your life or the lives of those closest to you a reaction is always going to happen. If the thing that happens is bad your reaction will be very strong and overwhelming. You feel what they feel.

16. Your intuition is always working full blast.

Your intuition is constantly pointing things out to you. There are no secrets, you are very in contact with your gut and this is hard. You really just know things about others that they might not ever share with anyone else.

17. You are very emotionally connected with the people around you.

You feel a deep connection to those close to you. Your friends and family are your people and you are always resonating with them. Their energies radiate when you are near one another. You can sense them.

18. You are able to see all sides of things instead of just one.

You are much more open-minded than most people. You can see things in ways most can’t. There is no bias in you.

19. You can sometimes feel things others are by just thinking of them.

You can think of someone and feel what they are currently going through. You are so connected that when apart the connection is still accessible. You can send positive energy in this manner.

20. When you are using your gift you feel a tingling within your crown chakra.

When you are helping other people you feel your crown chakra reacting. This is a sign you are doing something good. It shows that your chi is properly flowing.

21. You are able to read the energy of a room quickly.

You can tell whether or not the energy of the people in a room is positive or negative. When the energy of a room is positive it will feel light and interesting but if it is not it will be heavy and dull.

22. You know you were meant to help people.

You know you were put here to help others. You do your best to be there for the people you care about. You would never go out of your way to harm anyone.

23. You sometimes feel energies following you around.

You feel the energies that are following behind you. These energies attach themselves to you and you have to clear yourself of them from time to time. They are always present and not avoidable.

24. Emotional movies always leave you in tears.

When something is sad, it tears you apart. You feel things on a very deep level. Nothing is ever as simple as the rest of the world makes it out to be.

25. You can sense when people are angry at one another.

You can tell when someone is arguing with another person. Their energy changes. You can sense the anger and who it is directed at.

26. Sometimes you can sense the energies of people when around their belongings.

You are able to sense the energies of those who aren’t even here anymore. When it comes to buying things used you have to really feel them beforehand. You can sense them on a very real level even if you’ve never met them.

27. You tend to feel quite drained.

You feel very drained in general. It’s as if everything in this world is pulling against you. The longer you spend with others the more drained you end up being.