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Our world is constantly going through energetic adjustments, altering our physical beings right down to our individual cells. As people around the world are adjusting to these changes, they are reporting a similar list of symptoms.

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Remember, these symptoms are not a sign of something negative! They are simply your body moving through the shifts in energy. Stay positive, even excited, and be patient with yourself! You can take steps to help your body and spirit to open and accept the change easier. This includes:


Rest up! Get plenty of sleep

Drink lots of water

Eat light foods, do not overeat

Practice grounding yourself

Do yoga




Sit at a bonfire or fireplace

Once this energy shift has completed you will find yourself with an expanded awareness and a host of new multidimensional gifts to discover!

The Symptoms:

Inability to focus or make decisions

Heightened awareness and sensitivity

Intensified visuals during meditation

‘symptoms’ and awareness of shifting timelines

Heightened feelings of harmony

Waves of intense, conflicting emotions, that pass quickly

Feeling ‘out of focus’, as if being inside a movie, especially during motion

Changes in sleep patterns, specifically increasingly tired, requiring additional sleep

Overwhelming sugar/chocolate cravings

Sudden chills, goose-bumps

Loss of sense of time and/or lapses in time

Unfamiliar sensations in the body

Loss of balance and/or coordination


Pressure and swirling-like sensations around your head

Changes in eating patterns

Unusually rapid healing of cuts, bruises, etc.

Extreme ADD-like symptoms

Rapid, almost instant, manifesting of thoughts into ‘reality’

Heightened senses, specifically the sense of smell

Hearing buzzing/mechanical or ‘otherworldly’ sounds

Pain, pressure or swirling-like sensations in your solar plexus

Heightened awareness of the waves produced by technology

Technology malfunctions when you come near it, or touch it

Re-evaluation of all you know to be true such as relationships, jobs, lives, etc