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We all know there has been an influx of crystal children in more modern times. From the 90s until now we have become quite aware of their presence.

For those who do not know crystal children are people who were born onto this planet to reveal our inner power. These people are all around us and are very true to the whole ‘sense of oneness’ you have probably heard about time and time again. These people have vibrations like nothing I can find the words to explain.

Below you will find a list of signs that indicate you or someone you know may be a crystal child. If these things sound like you and the idea of being a crystal child call out to you in general then you most likely are one. If you have a purpose like this, you will know.

25 Signs You Might be A Crystal Child:

1. You are wise beyond your years.

People are often telling you that you have an old soul. People look up to you even though you are still quite young. There is something about you that makes you seem so much more mature than you should be.

2. Your intuition is far more developed than those of others.

You are highly intuitive. Your gut is always making you aware of things and you never ignore it. It is like your intuition works with you rather than against you like in the cases of some people.

3. You are highly sensitive.

You are a very sensitive person. Things and energies affect you more than they do others. You often experience sensory overload.

4. You love to be in nature.

Being in nature brings you a sense of peace like nothing else. You can be having the worst day ever and go for a walk only to have it all melt away. This is a great feeling.

5. You can often communicate with others without speaking.

You don’t always need words. Sometimes you can work in a telepathic way. You get your point across even if you don’t have to actually state it.

6. You need time alone to recharge.

You need to spend time alone some. Recharging is important. You get extremely drained when you don’t get any alone time.

7. You have a strong connection with animals.

You are always paying attention to animals and making time for your pets. They are your family as well. All lives matter to you even the ones other people don’t notice.

8. People often compliment your eyes.

People often tell you that they love your eyes. It doesn’t have to be about the color or the shape even you just give off this look sometimes. Have you ever heard the saying your eyes are the window to your soul? Well, you have a pretty soul.

9. People are often drawn to you.

People are drawn to you and this includes strangers. Your aura is inviting and warm. Everyone finds comfort when you are around.

10. You are not comfortable in loud crowded places.

Loud crowded places overload your senses. You cannot handle them for long and prefer to avoid them. There is nothing wrong with you, this is merely a part of your gift.

11. You love music.

Music speaks to you in many ways. You relate to music on a deeper level and you really take it in. I know a lot of people who are this way.

12. You are always learning new things.

You know that in life we are never done learning. There is always a lesson to be learned and something we can gain from learning it. Life is about growth.

13. Negative events affect you big time.

When something bad happens even if it has nothing to do with you it affects you. You take on the emotions of others so when people are sad around you, you are also sad. This is both a good and a bad thing.

14. You love to help people.

Helping others is a passion of yours. You are always doing something nice for someone else. Selflessness is important to you.

15. You just know things sometimes.

Sometimes you know things that you couldn’t know. This is in a sense a power that was given to you; however, it comes and goes.

16. You feel connected to everyone on some level.

You know we are all one. You feel connected to literally everyone on some level. No one is left out.

17. You are extremely patient.

You are far more patient than a lot of people are. You are able to keep your cool in the worst situations and it comes in handy. It really takes a lot to get you worked up.

18. You can be quite spontaneous.

You sometimes do things without thinking but if you make a mistake you are quick to fix it. You always own up to those mistakes and make them right. Being spontaneous is not a bad thing.

19. You can tell when someone is lying.

You are able to read people easily. When someone is lying you can tell. Nothing gets past you.

20. You are very gentle.

You are kind and gentle to all you meet. You do not judge and accept everyone for who they are. This is something we should all be doing.

21. You are an Empath.

You can and do absorb the emotions of those around you. This can be overwhelming in some cases and you may struggle with separating your emotions from those of other people. When this happens clearing your energy is a good option.

22. Your aura is crystalline.

Your aura is quite pastel and stands out in a way different from others. If you haven’t seen your aura yet you should give reading it a go. Click here to learn more about that.

23. You grew up in a dysfunctional home.

Your home life growing up was far from perfect. This could mean a number of things but it did shape you to who you are now. You have gone through a lot but are doing so much good.

24. You seem to care more than most people do.

You care about other people, even strangers. While most refuse to stop and talk to the homeless you are the first to sit beside them and offer them a listening ear. You again strive to be selfless.

25. You are quick to forgive others.

You forgive others far more often than you should. You believe in the greater good above all else. This sometimes is a bad thing.

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