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Our world is filled with double-standards. Most of us would probably like to believe that we aren’t and have never been guilty of them, but if you look at the following, you might change your tune.

None of us are without flaw. A double-standard (for those who don’t know what this concept is) is basically when you hold yourself to a different standard than you hold someone else. Basically, they make you hypocritical (at least in the moment in which you are practicing the belief that you should be held to a different standard. Below I have added some double-standards that many people participate in, without even realizing it. These are very clever illustrations that make you think. Check them out!

1. Harassment


2. Posers




3. Body Standards

4. Mom vs. Dad

5. Men vs. Women

6. Body Standards pt. 2

7. Men vs. Women pt. 2

8. Powerful Women

9. Makeup

10. Men. vs. Women pt. 3

11. Clothing

12. Body Standards pt. 3

13. Women in Power pt. 3

14. Boys vs. Girls

15. Toxic Masculinity


16. Acceptable clothing.

17. Shallow vs. Desperate

18. Clothing

19. Boys vs. Girls

20. Toxic Masculinity pt. 2.

21. Dad bods vs Mom bods

22. Sexual assault.

23. Boys vs. Girls pt 3.

24. Unreachable standards of beauty.

25. Sexualization.