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In life, there are tons of universal laws. Chances are you haven’t heard of most of them, but you should take the time to look into as many as you can.

When it comes to universal laws the deeper you dig the more you find. Below you will find a list of my favorite ones, and how they can help you in life. If you ever feel down and really want your karma cleansed look back over this list and really assess whether or not these things are happening in your life.

21 Universal Laws That Will Help You To Cleanse Your Karma And Make Your Life Yours:

1. The Law of Dharma

This law refers to our duty in this life. Your dharma varies according to your family, time of life, and class. Dharma is the purpose, it is what you set out to do in life; it is the end goal.

2. The Law of The Divine

When we are all aware of the divine within us great things will come. Once we are aware we can work to manifest it. This is in a sense reaching our higher self.

3. The Law of Destiny

The law of destiny makes up what forces make a difference in our lives. It makes sure we experience the things we need to experience in this world. Some call this ‘fate.’

4. The Law of Attraction

Our minds are very similar to magnets, because we attract whatever we give our attention to. Everything that comes into our lives was attracted to us through the things we hold within our minds. We can manifest whatever we want if we learn how to properly control our minds.

5. The Law of Duality

This law states that everything continues and has a complementary opposite within the whole. Sure, there are two sides, but it is still just one thing. For instance, hot and cold are different, but they are still both temperatures.

6. The Law of Behavior

This law boils down to we should be more than capable of controlling our actions. If we control our behavior we have everything how we want it. Don’t do things you shouldn’t do.

7. The Law of Acceptance

This is the conscious choice to drop all forms of resistance, and let the universe do what it will do. Accepting everything as it is and moving forward. Making the most of the presence.

8. The Law of Observation

This reality is not what it seems, it is defined by how we think. Thoughts turn into actions and from there, things continue forth.

9. The Law of One

We are all a part of a much larger whole. No one is more important than anyone else. There is a big picture to all of this.

10. The Law of Love

This one should be a bit self-explanatory. Love is the answer to all. Real love is unconditional and heals us all.

11. The Law of Abundance

This world we live in is full of everything we need. There is more than enough to go around. If you really want it and know how to acquire it you will have it. The universe will ensure we all get what we need at the very least.

12. The Law of Gratitude

This is a healthy habit we should all have! Be grateful for all that you have and will have. Never take advantage of the things given to you.

13. The Law of Faith

This law was founded on the recognition that regardless of what we have heard or learned there is more. We are all part of something bigger. We all have a link to universal wisdom.

14. The Law of Forgiveness

By letting go of the need to get even with others we can grow as people. The universe is held together with forgiveness. Without it, we would all fall apart.

15. The Law of Free Will

We all have free will, therefore we can make our own choices. We do not have to do the things we do not want to do.

16. The Law of Healing

This law revolves around the ability to channel energy from the source. This energy helps the person to improve themselves and remove blockages. Energy can help heal all.

17. The Law of Identity

We all have the right to create our own being. We are who we want to be! There is nothing holding us back but ourselves.

18. The Law of Intention

When we hold our intentions in the mind and our physical actions do not follow false impressions are created. By carrying out acts of kindness we are allowing ourselves to grow. Good intentions make a difference.

19. The Law of Meditation

This one boils down to being able to calm yourself. When meditating a merging is happening. Great things can and do come from meditation.

20. The Law of Non-attachment

Non-attachment to the self-work to rid you of karma. The self does not exist as a separate entity. You must understand this and realize that you can free yourself karmically.

21. The Law of Patience

Through patience, we get to know ourselves and test one another. Patience is extremely important, and in having it we allow other virtues to manifest. With patience comes true understanding.

These things are all extremely important. If you truly want to be the best version of yourself you can be and cleanse your karma remember these laws. They will come in handy more often than you think.