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2021 and 2022 were tumultuous, there is no doubt about that. And while it brought much change, admittedly, not all of it was bad.

With that being said, 2022 is right around the corner, and with that in mind, it’s needless to say that there is, even more, change ahead. And 2022 will be sure not to disappoint, with four eclipses, a truck-load of retrogrades and so much more. Even better, at the end of the year, Jupiter is entering into Pisces and will stay there for the majority of the year to come.

In January 2022, we can also expect to see the North Node enter into Taurus. Since the North Node represents destiny and direction in our lives, this will bring us in a more practical and even abundant direction. Here is how that will impact your zodiac sign.


This year is going to have a lot in store for your spiritual growth. This means there is healing to come, the breaking down of some walls, and some much-needed change. Try not to get too bogged down, and stay focused on growth.


Taurus, you can expect to find a major focus being placed on your connections, friendships, and partnerships in the next year. You will likely meet new people that will change and improve your life drastically.


The coming year is going to shift your perspectives and push you towards expansion. You are likely going to see these changes in all areas of your life, producing positive change for the years to come.


The past two years have been rough on you, Cancer, but thankfully 2022 is going to ease upbringing you a sense of calm, and even adventure. This year, focus on what brings your life purpose and place your sights on achieving your dreams.


As the year starts, you are going to be in introspection mode, and feeling a push towards transformation. You’ve likely been feeling stagnant, and now is the time to break out of your shell.


This year will be a year of abundance for you, bringing you new career opportunities, new networking friends and so much more. Keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities for growth in all areas, they are coming.


It’s time to get focused. Your mind is filled with ideas, dreams, and things you should be doing, but are you doing them? Sit down and meditate on what you want most from this year, and you will be unstoppable.


It’s time to let go of the things that are holding you back. There are many things on your mind and your to-do list that are no longer serving you. You likely know what they are, and what is needed to let go.


This past year has been a year of growth, lessons, and change. Embrace the change, and keep moving forward. Your sign is all about expansion, and sometimes, breaking free of old habits is the best form of expansion.


You have so much going on inside your mind that it’s bogging you down, Capricorn. And this year will provide you with many opportunities to use those ideas in a meaningful way. Try channeling your ideas into a new project or endeavor, and you cannot go wrong.


You are always seeking new ideas and new lessons, and this year will be no different, aside from the fact that much of what you have learned will be put to use. Continue to expand and to learn, and don’t forget to use what you have learned when the time comes!


Blessings are coming for you. In the past few years, you have struggled and had some unfortunate truths come to light. Now, it’s time to embrace yourself for who you are. Just make sure you are embracing your truth, not what you wish was true.