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While in most places we’ve already celebrated the New Year, in China it’s not quite there yet. The Chinese New Year begins on January 25th and will be the ‘year of the metal rat.’

Sure, most people find rats to be gross and dirty rats are actually adorable and very sweet overall. Because 2020 is the year of the rat, we should remember that it brings things like alertness, wit, and flexibility to the table. Lucky numbers for those who were born during a year of the rat period are 2 and 3. 

The years for year of the rat are listed as follows and including the one to come after this current facing:











So if you were born during any of those years you were born during a year of the rat. According to TravelChinaGuide, this year of the rat is going to bring good fortune in a lot of ways. It will help us all regarding our careers and perhaps also allow us to flourish in our searching for love. That being said it was also predicted that respiratory issues and heart problems may be quite present across the map.

In regards to all of this The Chinese Zodiac’s website wrote as follows:

“The beginning of the year, the first days of February are extremely bright and full of motivation.”

“We’ve received as a gift a new, clean, fresh year, with no mistakes and no regrets. The year of the Rat is going to bring us creative energy, an energy which can manifest by fulfilling plenty of things you wish in your life.”

“You will have the surety that everything is possible, that you are the creator of your own life and that yes, you have the power to be whoever you want to be.”

“Officially, the Chinese year of the rat starts on January 25th, and in order to have a great year, we are advising to include the New Chinese Year’s menu what the Rat likes to eat, which means nuts and all kinds of cheese, and to wear during the party the most precious clothing and jewelry because the rat loves opulence.”

“The metal element creates water, which means productivity and activity for the metal industries.”

They also went on to note that this year will be one of great success for us all. While we will have some bad days, if we work hard we will see a serious payoff. While 2020 and the year of the metal rat might not sound like much offhand, it does provide us with some interesting energies. 

During this year’s time present, we should work to be optimistic and trust the people closest to us. Sure, things might not play out how we want them to, but they will all work out for the better once everything is said and done. What is your Chinese zodiac sign? For more on how this year could affect you please check out the video below.