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The year 2020 as a whole was a year in which we were all meant to spend growing. It was and has always been meant to be a year full of activation and ascension energies but those kinds of things do not come without some kind of price, we all must grow in order to be able to use them properly and so, we’ve faced a lot this year. I know, you might feel like this year was the worst ever but it honestly was one that will shape us forever in many positive ways.

While none of us could have seen these things coming we should have all felt their power before us on some level. This year so far has brought us all to new places in our lives and changes things before our very eyes. Many of us have been tested and some of us have been pushed well past our limits in order to get to where we need to be so that we can grow properly into who we were always meant to be.

As these next few months continue to move by we will all still be facing some interesting energies. For instance, the end of September itself holds a lot of emotional release that some of us might not necessarily think we’re ready for. We will be letting go of people who do not care for us and holding onto those who actually have our best interests in mind.

October is going to be filling us with a lot of need and yearning but through that all we will be finding peace as I have noted before. Sure, that might not sound like much but for those who are struggling it is the hope they’ve been waiting for. Now, right now we all still feel like we’re being pulled through the gutters but in time that feeling will fade.

As we face November and December things will begin to shine brightly once again. We will be more focused on the present moment and free to really flourish more properly than ever. Things always come to an end and the energies of 2020 will be the same in time. We were all meant to get to this point in our lives and to move on into 2021 with a refreshed and more grateful perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that we did not go through pain and that we were not broken down because we damn sure were but that we should make the most of all the bad we’ve gone through this year and turn it into something positive. There were lots of lessons behind the things we’ve faced this year and eventually, those lessons will be things we can pass onto the people who come long after us. We are more connected with those who truly matter to us than we have ever been, and we have 2020 to thank for that even if we might not always realize it at first.

Trust in yourself and the Universe as a whole. The Universe will not put you before something you cannot handle on an energetic level. You were meant to go down this path and you will rise from the ashes that this year has left behind.

Will you be making the most of 2021 or will you let the pain from 2020 hold you back? It is now time to decide that for yourself. I for one am all for moving forward. Can you feel the cosmic energies at play now?