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Right now the energies around us are intense and all over the place. They are overwhelming and honestly, quite exhausting.

If you’re an energy sensitive person you’ve been for a while now been really feeling the effects of the shift we’re stuck in. This shift is bringing us towards a more collectively awakened state but is also more than some of us can handle. If you’re feeling out of place, this is likely why.

When these energies began presenting themselves before me, I too was caught off guard but now that I have settled into things I feel much better. Things are going to get worse before they resolve and that is something we need to come to terms with. For all of 2019, we were preparing for the things before us now on an energetic level.

Right now is our planet’s chance to reset and if this time is used correctly once all is said and done we will be able to move forth with a proper sense of balance. Through embracing the things before us we are able to help change the collective whether that is something we openly accept or take a little while to grasp. 

We are all slowing down and working to change things so that the past is not repeated. Through dissolving our egos and allowing the energies within to radiate outward into this world, we are going to get much further than we might have expected. Only through loss are we able to truly reform in the ways we need to and remaining as grounded as possible right now might do you a lot of good. 

All of the celestial events going on right now are setting the mood for something huge and the more you meditate over this the more you will see of the bigger picture. We are all struggling right now, and we all need to come together now more than ever. Remove your expectations and tune into your higher self as best you can, the more we all do this the more awake we will all become as a whole. 

We are all one and the more you embrace that the deeper this meaning will set. For more information on the energies before us as we move through the next few weeks please check out the video below. I know, things are scary right now but keep in mind, everything happens for a reason. The time for healing is now and through healing ourselves, cultivating healing within others, and allowing the world to heal we will all come out of this in a better place.