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The world right now is quite energetically charged, and we are going through some serious shifting as is. However, as 2020 unfolds there will be a lot going on in the celestial world. The year 2020 is going to knock our socks off, and we all need to be prepared.

In regards to some of what is to come wrote as follows on their website:

The intensifying nature of 2020 will be evident at the beginning of the year, as January hosts not only conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, but also a lunar eclipse combined with a series of conjunctions between the sun with Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto within a few days between January 10–13. Since Jupiter will simultaneously be conjoining the south node of the moon in Capricorn, there will be gravity of contraction and consolidation in January that will hone aspirations and draw attention toward the essential purpose you wish to initiate in the year ahead. January can be utilized for adjusting ambitions to contend with the limitations of material resources while revisioning what you need to cultivate and what you need to shed.

Now on January 10th, there will be a lunar eclipse in Cancer. This will bring forth some tension. This whole ordeal will make us feel more insecure and unsure of where we are headed in life. We will be questioning more and really feeling as though the things that matter the most to us are slipping out of our reach. While this will pass, it is important to be aware of.

From there one of the biggest things we will be facing is Mercury Retrograding once again. Mercury will go retrograde in February on the 16th and continue to retrograde until March 9th. While this retrograde will begin in Pisces it will end in Aquarius. This retrograde because it is mostly present in Pisces will want us to be as detail-oriented as possible. The more on top of things you are the more gentle these energies will be on you and in your life.

It is also important to note that Mercury will also be retrograding again in June (June19th-July12th) and that there will be another lunar eclipse in June as well. While these won’t be as energetically charged as some events to come they are going to be quite powerful on their own. That having been said, as these things are occurring Venus will be retrograding as well. 

Venus will go retrograde on May 13th and continue through June 25th. says that this will bring up a lot and allow us to find closure from past relationships. Love during this time period will be quite confusing and you might find that your heart is being pulled in a lot of different directions. Try not to move too quickly during this time. 

Now, while we’re not going to dive into every single celestial event that will be happening in 2020 as there are just far too many to list off it is important to know that these energies will all be quite transformative. We are throughout 2020 going to be working to become better versions of ourselves. This year in itself is one that brings us closer to where we need to be in some of the biggest ways possible.

For more information on 2020 and how it might play out for you please check out the video below. What do you think about the energies to come? While they sound a bit scary, I assure you they will do more good than harm. This universe knows what we need, and we will get exactly that.