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As we come to the end of December, the beginning of 2019 is well on its way. The days are going by quite fast and with that, the energies are building.

There is an energetic shift underway. The universe is preparing to make changes and as the celestial world works its magic, you might be feeling quite tense. During this time you should push yourself to really spread your wings and allow your roots take off in ways the normally would not.

From now and into the beginning of 2019 you will be much more aware of your own emotions. You will be learning to really differentiate from your stream of consciousness and the collective you’re connected to. The next few weeks are going to go by extremely fast and you might get knocked off of your feet for a good second, be prepared.

You are moving into a period of learning that you most likely are not quite prepared for. Do your best to shift towards a more open mindset and see where things take you. We will all be stepping up the ladder that reins in the new year quite quickly whether we realize it or not. Many people are noticing the energies before them and some have begun really doing their best to make sure they are working with them properly.

Astromark reported as follows regarding the shift we are currently feeling:

Big decisions and the beginning of big changes are in store for you. Starting back in 2017, astrological energy started shaking you up as they build towards a planetary alignment in 2020. Shifts that happen every 84 and 50 years teased us in 2018, and they are now ready to gain traction to revolutionize your life. Jupiter encourages you to open your belief system to something larger, to take a risk on yourself to manifest your goals and dreams. Uranus is like a lightning rod sparking you to innovative new ways to live your life.

This pointing out that while there have been minor shifts throughout the years, the one before us is going to be quite big. You might be going to bed early and feeling exhausted all the while. You are through this going to be working within to do a lot of healing during the beginning of 2019 which is going to help you set the best mood for the months to come.

Many people will be waking up during this time period and there is no slowing down once the new year is brought in. If you’ve been sitting at the sidelines waiting for life to pass you by, now is the time to jump back in and ride out the waves before you. Your expectations are not going to be compromised now, you can and will get where you need to be if you apply yourself properly.

World Healing Academy wrote as follows on the energies we’re facing this week and the weeks to come:

This week the Energy you feel is calling you into your heart and Soul. You may not know specifically why you feel drawn to spend some time in Nature, alone meditating or doing deep breathing with the “Universal Divine of your Heart” reflecting and re-energizing….but I can tell you that you should trust your intuition right now.

Because the energies shifting before us are so intense you may feel a bit of confusion here and there but if you surrender to these energies willingly everything will begin to make sense. You are going to lose your ego and find yourself in 2019 whether you want to or not. This year is going to bring you through a lot and the shift that we are facing right now is the very beginning of that. Start questioning more and challenging your state of consciousness.

Do your best to come into the moment and be here in the now. You only get one life and what you do with that life is up to you. Become as awake as you can and see where this wave of positivity takes you. While energetic shifts can be scary, this one will be a piece of cake.