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With the full hunter’s moon coming forth a lot of people are curious about what they should be expecting. Well, to be honest, that really depends on your sign and what the celestial world holds for you.

The full hunter’s moon will be occurring on the 13th of this month (October) and if you’ve been wondering what to expect from the energies that are building all around you taking a look at your zodiac sign below might really benefit you. Sure, the things to come might be a bit confusing but there are so many opportunities and so much change coming forth for all of us and growth is inevitable.


While this full moon is in charge for the next few weeks you’re going to be feeling more like yourself than you have in a long time. Aligning with your most authentic self is going to become very important and you’re going to be provided with the opportunity to get to know yourself on a level that most people never see. Sure, things are going to be a bit hectic but only within reason, you have to be willing to let the truth shine through.


This full moon is going to remind you that you need to focus on love. You have a lot more desire locked within than you are usually able to see and the sooner you come to terms with this the better. Amidst all of the chaos, you’re going to begin to see who really matters in your life.


Rather than allowing the wounds of your past to hold you back, this full moon is going to bring you to say things you’ve otherwise forced to remain unsaid. You’re going to be building yourself up instead of breaking yourself down which is a nice change. Maybe now you can really work to bring the people who matter most in your life together.


This full moon is going to set you off towards a goal you didn’t see coming. You’re going to be cutting ties and making room for those who actually care about you in your life. While in the past you’ve struggled with leaving those who want to hurt you behind, you’re taking on a new leaf and it’s quite rewarding.


As a Leo, you always tend to feel the full moons more deeply than most. Something is really calling your name but you cannot figure out what, the more time you spend obsessing the less you have to gain once all is said and done. Maybe you need to try and focus on something more set in stone. Take some time for yourself and see where you go.


This full moon might have you popping off your mouth a lot more than usual. You are quite the outspoken person and you never sugar coat things but that might be getting you in trouble very soon. Perhaps you need to take this as a chance to really see how the things you say affect those around you.


This full moon is going to remind you to slow down and love yourself. You have been struggling with both of these things for far too long. In the weeks to come, you are going to really grow in some of the most positive ways.


If there was ever going to be a time in which you needed to focus on healing, it’s now. This full moon is going to rejuvenate you and provide you with a fresh start that has been needed for quite some time. Sure, this is confusing and scary but it is a direction that leads somewhere amazing.


The things you’ve been working on are about to finally pay off but your romantic life is going to fall apart. You and the people in your life are not on the same page even if it feels like you are. Perhaps you need to really do some searching if you want to uncover the truth.


Something monumental is headed your way and you need to look out for it. If you don’t pay close attention this chance could walk right past you. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the prize while this full moon is present, being side-tracked might land you somewhere you do not want to be.


You’ve been talking to yourself about change for so long but never taking the steps to make anything happen. Now is your chance to really get out of your comfort zone and be who you want to be. Stop cutting yourself short, you are capable of so much more and this full moon is exactly what you need.


This full moon is going to make you a lot more stressed than usual. You’re going to be on edge and concerned about your future. Remember to breathe and give yourself a break when it’s needed. While you have a lot to get in order, you can’t do anything if you’re unable to focus.