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While we often believe the worst, when our partner’s see us without clothes, their thoughts are far less nefarious than we would like to tell ourselves. In fact, as we undress, most men are far less worried about the things wrong with our body, and far more concerned with how beautiful we are.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the various comments I gathered while researching the topic. You may be surprised, but let’s face it, the people of the internet, especially the menfolk, are usually quite honest with their critique, so I’m pretty content with what I found.

1. She really doesn’t know how beautiful she is.
2. I love every intricate detail on her body. From each scratch, and even her scars and freckles, she is beautiful.
3. WOW.
4. Yep, she is out of my league.
5. Why does she complain about her body?
6. Please calm down. (Talking to himself.)
7. Let’s do it. NOW.
8. I can’t get enough of her softer parts. (Think bum, belly, boobs, etc.)
9. I really want to knead her breasts.
10. Where is her button?
11. Her scent is amazing.
12. Can I take a mental snapshot?
13. Her breasts/nipples are amazing.
14. How did that tattoo get there?
15. I am a lucky man.
16. Can I touch?
17. WHY and HOW is her skin so soft?
18. Despite the beautiful bra and panty set, she may be wearing, all I keep thinking is, what is underneath?
19. How did I get so lucky?
20. I can’t think anything. My mind is in awe.