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While we do have some hidden spiritual gifts that we must take the time to uncover we are also given plenty of spiritual gifts we take for granted.

Below you will find a list of spiritual gifts we are all given. These are things you may not often think about but really should be thankful for. Without these things, we would not be who we truly are. Whether you consider these things gifts or not we would not be where we are now without them, I believe everything in life is a gift, that means the good and the bad.

18 ‘Spiritual Gifts’ You Already Have and Should Be Proud of:

1. Your intuition

Your ability to sense things is important. Have you ever noticed how in some this is reduced or non-existent? If you have a good sense of intuition you are doing much better than some. That fight or flight really comes in handy.

2. Your sight

The ability to see is not something everyone has. It is something we often take for granted. Could you imagine suddenly losing your ability to see?

3. Your friends

Your friends were chosen for you before you were even born. These people were meant to come into your life at the point in which they did. The Universe knows exactly who and what it is bringing to you.

4. Your family

Your family is also chosen for you before you were born. These people were meant to be a part of your life long before you were even thought of. Then Again, the Universe has everything planned out.

5. Your job

Your job while it may not seem like something special is important. Whether you love or hate it, you are going to grow for having had it. Hard work shapes us more than most realize. If you have a job it is a gift; yes, you have to work for some gifts.

6. The things that bring a smile to your face

These things can be small or big but they are all gifts. A smile is a gift sent from above to brighten you on your way. Everything that comes in contact with you does so for a reason.

7. Your inner voice

Your inner voice is very special. Some people while it may sound odd do not have one. This is someone you can always talk to even when you are alone.

8. Your past

Your past is a gift because without it you would not be who you are now. It has shaped you into who you are, and you will continue to do so as it grows. Gifts can be found in even the oddest places.

9. Your ability to see things with your mind

When you think of something that is not within sight can you see it? I can, and most of us can, but some people cannot. Some people are not able to create images in their mind.

10. Your future

Your future is a gift, and tomorrow is not promised. We must cherish each and every day we are given.

11. Your outer voice

The ability to speak is also something that not everyone has. We often forget how important it is to be able to communicate verbally. If you can speak you should be thankful.

12. Your ability to know when not to speak

Knowing when not to open your mouth is important. While you should speak up for yourself most of the time there are also instances where you have to choose your battles. Being able to do this is very important and again, lots of people struggle with this one as well.

13. Being able to help others

No matter where we are in life we can always help others. Sometimes we can give a lot and other times just a little, but it makes a huge difference. No effort is too small.

14. Your ability to smell

Some people do not have this ability. While you may think going through life without being able to smell might be nice I assure you it would suck. You would never know if you smelled bad and on a serious note you wouldn’t be able to smell whether or not something was burning.

15. Your body

Without your body, you would not be able to act on this planet. Our bodies are shells for our souls. Whether you like yours or not it was still a gift.

16. Your drive

Your urge to meet your goals and get where you want to be in life is a gift. Once again some people lack it. Without this where would you be? Who would you be?

17. Your creativity

Being creative is something we all can do. Whether we can express our creativity or not we all have it. Without this life would be very boring.

18. Your flaws

Every flaw you have makes you all the more perfect. Your flaws make you who you are. Without flaws the world would be a much more messed up place, I promise.

Take a minute to appreciate all of the gifts you currently have before setting out on a journey to find more. Being yourself is plenty special enough as it is. You are far more amazing than you realize.

(Image Via: DarkSoul1/Pixabay)