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Shadows are a very important part of photography in general and when used properly they can make some of the most amazing photographs even more mind-blowing. Whether they’re creating optical illusions or enhancing emotions they usually pack a powerful punch. 

Shadows are nothing more than dark areas where light is being blocked from its source due to some kind of opaque object. This very simple and yet interesting ordeal overall provides us with silhouettes that go on for what might seem like days and if you’re an imaginative person you can see them in more ways than most. If you’ve been needing inspiration, these photographs might be exactly what picks your creativity back up and kicks it into gear.

18 Shadows That Will Ignite Your Creative Mind:

1. A Tall Girl

2. A Strong Man

3. Children Playing

4. A Tree Full Of Life

5. Eclipse Glimpses

6. Doppel Ganger?

7. Reverse

8. Caged Woman

9. Impressions

10. Not Alone

11. Death Swing?

12. Different Perspectives

13. Geometric Magic

14. Laced Light

15. True Darkness 

16. Underwater World

17. Hello Truck

18. Two Men