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In life, we spend a lot of time chasing things that we shouldn’t be chasing. Rather than chasing things like our dreams we waste time chasing people and things that our lives are better without, to begin with.

When it comes to chasing anything in this world you should think things through beforehand. We are not promised tomorrow and wasting away spending too much energy on things that do not matter is never going to leave you feeling whole. Below I am going to go over some of the things you should not waste your time chasing and why you are better off looking the other way in many cases.

17 Things You Should Never Bother Chasing In Life:

1. You should never chase your exes.

Your exes are your exes for specific reasons. Chasing them or the past, in general, will do you no good. You cannot go back in time no matter how badly you want to and you need to be aware of that.

2. You should never chase happiness.

Happiness is not something we can chase. It is something that comes from within and must grow in a way that allows it to flourish. You cannot simply go out and find it.

3. You should never chase security.

You have to create your own sense of security if you truly want it. You cannot just go out and find someone who will force your life to fit into some perfect bubble. Being secure and chasing security are very interesting things, they do not go hand in hand.

4. You should never chase material things.

While material things are nice and all, we should not chase them. You should be thankful for what you have and appreciate the life you get to live. You cannot take those material things with you once you’ve passed on.

5. You should never chase money.

Money does not buy happiness no matter how many times you’ve heard that it does. Money might be a great thing in this day and age but it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Sometimes those with the most money turn out to be the most miserable.

6. You should never chase youth.

We all age, there is no getting around it. The more you chase your youth and try to fit in with those who are younger than you the more desperate you will look. Accept yourself and remember that there is no shame in getting old.

7. You should never chase ‘beauty.’

You are beautiful, we all are in our own ways. The sooner you realize this the better. You are amazing and no one should ever be allowed to tell you otherwise.

8. You should never chase friends and family who walk away.

If someone has chosen to walk out of your life, let them. Those who choose to walk away are battling their own things and moving forth in their own ways. You have your life to live and they have theirs.

9. You should never chase jobs you hate.

Find a job that you love doing. Chasing jobs you hate simply for the amount of money they offer is only going to leave you miserable. You deserve to be able to wake up excited for work each morning.

10. You should never chase approval.

The people around you are not always going to like the things you do and that is okay. You are your own person and you do not need anyone else’s approval. Don’t chase the ideas that others want to push on you.

11. You should never chase the things you are not.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be someone you are not. You are already more than enough and changing is not necessary. Just be the best possible version of yourself and see where that gets you.

12. You should never chase power/control.

Power and control don’t do anyone any good. These things will only bring you down in the long-run. Perhaps experiencing this firsthand will be enough to force you to shake it off.

13. You should never chase love.

Love does not have to happen for everyone and diving into one relationship after the other isn’t going to help you find it any sooner. Be true to who you are and simply live your life. When you’re ready for love it will find you.

14. You should never chase perfection.

Perfection does not exist. Chasing it is pointless as you will never find it. The harder you look the more lost you become.

15. You should never chase other people’s dreams.

You are your own person and you should be chasing your own dreams. Do not let other people live their lives through you. Be yourself, unapologetically and without a doubt.

16. You should never chase endings.

In life, there will be lots of endings but chasing them defeats their purposes. You’re supposed to enjoy the ride while you’re on it. Don’t get too eager to sink the ship, you are in store for a lot more than you might realize right now.

17. You should never chase ‘fame.’

Fame is not all it is cracked up to be. You might think you want people to adore you but even those who have huge fan bases tend to hate it. Privacy is something we all to often forget is so important.