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1 ~ Make a New Moon manifestation jar. (Ours will have dirt to plant the seed/manifestation, different stones, herbs and flowers.) Be creative!

2 ~ Make New Moon water. Set it out under the moon’s energy or in a window sill if you can’t put it outside. Filtered water and preferably in glass. You can add different stones as well for infusion, make sure and look them up because some, like Selenite, can’t be in water and some may be toxic. Wrap your hands around the water and sit with it as you set your New Moon intentions within. Let it sit out until morning.

3 ~ Put your stones out to cleanse them and set new intentions.

4 ~ Write down all the things you want to manifest in your life and put it in your sacred space.

5 ~ If you don’t have a sacred space then create one!

6 ~ Do something creative and new! Think outside your normal box and expand your creative passions. Think of something that feeds your soul and let the creative energy flow.

7 ~ Dance! Free your spirit and allow yourself to feel the beautiful new energy flowing through you as your movement releases any stagnant energy trying to hang on.

8 ~ Create a Vision Board. New Moon. New You! What do you want to create for yourself? A Vision Board is a great daily visualization exercise and also gets your creative energy flowing.

9 ~ Try automatic writing and see what comes through for you. Take a pen and paper, sit somewhere peaceful, take some breaths to connect and ask your higher self to speak to you. Just write whatever comes through and then read and reflect.

10 ~ Enjoy the magical energy Gaia has to offer. Really appreciate her. Embrace your childlike wonder and hug some trees.

11 ~ Play Yahtzee and let the numbers speak to you.

12 ~ Pull some Oracle or Tarot cards or have some pull them for you.

13 ~ Set your New Moon intention and light a candle. Your candle color while depend on the intention you’re setting.

14 ~ Self Care ❤️ Take a bath and do it up! Bath salts, candles, incense, relaxing music, weed/wine, bubbles! What’s your ideal bath? Make it for yourself. You deserve it.

15 ~ Take time to rest, meditate, even sleepitate (that’s when you were trying to meditate and end up falling asleep).

16 ~ Plant something. Become that Earth Mother Plant Goddess.

17 ~ Meet new people. If an invitation comes your way or someone asks you on a date, a New Moon is promising energy for these new beginnings and new relationships.

Sending you all love! ❤️ Written by, Kimberly Hasty ~ Moon Sisters Tribe