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As a sarcastic person, people are either pissed by the things you say or they laugh their asses off, there isn’t really any ‘in-between.’ Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for every joke, but sarcastic people just can’t help it sometimes.

If you are anything like me then you know the following struggles I am going to list all too well. How many of these things resonate with you? It’s almost like sarcastic people are a breed all their own.

17 Things Sarcastic People Know All Too Well:

1. Meeting someone who doesn’t know what sarcasm is and how stupid they think you are.

Have you ever met someone who took your every word literally? These people think that you are actually as stupid as you are joking about being and it is both hilarious and annoying. People like this drive me up the wall. No, Susan, I don’t really think I can fly stick a sock in it.

2. Dealing with people who take things too literally.

Learn how to take a joke. I should not be having to explain myself to you. Did you not notice everybody else laughing?

3. Trying to hide your hatred for others.

For a sarcastic person hiding hatred is impossible. They always make themselves known through their sarcasm. Do you target those you hate? I know, you just can’t help it.

4. The struggle of being sarcastic through text.

Sadly, texting is just not designed for sarcastic people. This is the most real struggle ever. It’s almost as if sending a voice clip might be the better option.

5. Your attitude problem.

Do people often say you have a problem with your attitude? This one gets under my skin pretty bad. Come on now people, a little sarcasm never hurt anyone.

6. “Just Kidding”

Having to say just kidding when people react badly. Shit, learn how to take a joke. I hate having to say this, but find myself doing so often.

7. When people call you crazy.

People do this to me all the time and I hate it. I find my sense of humor quite refreshing. I wish the rest of the world wasn’t so bland.

8. Mocking others without realizing it.

I tend to mock people more often than I don’t, and the truth is, I just can’t help it. This makes a lot of enemies for me but I’m sure it does the same for you as well. It’s not easy being sarcastic.

9. No one gets you.

No one seems to get you even though you are truly hilarious. This is truly a shame, and there is just no sense in it.

10. People not taking you seriously.

Having to repeat yourself over and over again until someone finally realizes you aren’t joking. Just because you are sarcastic doesn’t mean you are unable to be serious. Come on now!

11. Being the only one to truly appreciate tough love.

Other people just don’t get tough love in the ways that you do. You are not one to hand out medals to those who do not deserve them. There is no participation award.

12. You just don’t get excited often.

You are someone who just doesn’t find the things other people do amusing. It takes a lot to get you excited. You are not going to jump for joy over an invitation to a party or a good grade at school.

13. You are an open book.

People know exactly what you are feeling just about all the time. You don’t really have a filter. This is something that can be a good or a bad thing.

14. Engaging with a gullible person and enjoying it.

Lots of your material comes from those who are gullible. This is one of the most fun things ever. They just don’t understand.

15. Being sarcastic with those who appreciate it.

Being sarcastic with friends is such a wonderful feeling! There is something really special about being around someone who has the same sense of humor as you.

16. Being a bit too sarcastic on dates.

If you are a naturally sarcastic person then you know all too well how fast sarcasm can ruin first dates. This is something you struggle with sometimes; however, it is still worth it!

17. Being able to tell when someone is pretending to understand.

Ironically even those who don’t get your jokes try to pretend to. It is fun to watch them squirm. Even I can admit to laughing once they have left or well, in their faces.