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Sometimes we forget to take care of one another and it can cause serious problems within our relationships. Moving through the motions and not actually listening will not help anyone and will only cause chaos in the end.

Couples that get along don’t do the same things couples that fight all the time do. They do things differently and because of that, they are able to coexist in a much more progressive manner. Below I am going to go over some of the things that they do differently that we should all be doing. These things can and will benefit any and all relationships.

17 Things Couples Who Get Along Do Differently:

1. They mention the good things about their partners to others.

When you’re in a relationship with someone you get along with you build your partner up instead of tearing him or her down. You don’t say bad things about them, you say good things about them.

2. They are friends and lovers.

They are friends and lovers. If you aren’t friends with your partner things aren’t going to go well. You need to be able to do stuff together without feeling as if you’re being forced.

3. They have fun together.

When you’re with someone you get along with you will have so much fun. Couples that get along go on so many adventures together. Even the smallest thing turns into something amazing.

4. They try to be optimistic.

They are as optimistic as they can be. When things are going bad they look on the bright side. You have to be able to see things from different perspectives.

5. They respect one another.

They are able to respect each other in all possible ways. They don’t put one another down or hurt each other’s feelings on purpose. If you don’t have a mutual sense of respect things will never work.

6. They show affection towards one another.

They are always showing affection towards one another. They don’t cut each other off. They hold hands, kiss each other, and say ‘I love you.’ These things are very important and allow them to stay as close as they need to be.

7. They do not cross each other’s boundaries.

They each have their own personal boundaries and respect their partner’s boundaries. Without boundaries, things will never work properly. We all need our personal space.

8. They ask questions that need to be asked.

When something needs to be asked, they ask it. Sure, sometimes asking questions might be uncomfortable but it does clear the air. This resolves any issue that arises.

9. They make time for each other.

They don’t forget to make time for each other. They like being around each other and miss one another when they’re apart. Sure, they don’t spend every waking second together but even just one night a week makes all the difference.

10. They do not try to control one another.

When you’re with someone you get along with no one is controlling anyone. You are both in control and copiloting the relationship together. Everything works well when you’re both having your wants and needs taken into consideration.

11. They know how to forgive.

They know how to forgive each other. Sometimes we do things that are small but cause big arguments. These things are not always easy to get over but if you know how to forgive you can move on from them.

12. They actually talk things out.

If you get along with the person you are with talking things out won’t be an issue. You will be able to communicate properly.

13. They embrace their flaws.

They don’t care about the flaws of each other. They embrace their flaws and see that they make them unique. This is something not a lot of people are able to do.

14. They don’t let criticism hurt their feelings.

They know that sometimes we criticize one another. They see that it is not always something to be taken personally. We all need to learn how to accept criticism and not take it so hard.

15. They own up to their mistakes and apologize.

When they make mistakes they apologize to one another. If you do not apologize for your wrongdoings, it will create tension in your relationship. For some, it can truly damn the entire relationship.

16. They appreciate one another.

They appreciate one another and make sure to say it. They don’t ignore the things that they do for each other. They say thank you time and time again. Everyone is taken care of.

17. They work through sex/intimacy issues.

They are not afraid to talk about sex. When they have an intimacy issue they sit down and figure it out. If someone wants to try something new, they go for it.