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Everything on this planet has its own vibration.  And most people who are living on a higher vibration don’t even realize it.

When we are moving forth with a high vibration, we are allowing ourselves to appreciate life as it truly is. We are aware of the beauty surrounding us and really making the most of each day that passes. Those who are the most positive are also those with high vibrations.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might have a high vibration. If these things are true to you then you are on the right track. While not all of them will be present in the lives of everyone, the more signs you relate to, the closer you are to understanding just how high your vibration is.

17 Signs You Have A High Vibration:

1. You are thankful for the things you have.

People with high vibrations are very thankful in general. They know that without the universe and the powers at play they would not be where they are. They know how important it is to acknowledge all the universe is doing for them.

2. You can feel the oneness that we all share.

People with high vibrations can sense the oneness that we all share with each other and every living thing on this planet. We are all connected and that is something many need to come to terms with. Each and every person is part of the bigger picture and even if you cannot see them right now, there are energetic lines bringing each one of us to the next.

3. You do not indulge in drama.

People with high vibrations do not let drama play any kind of role in their lives. They do not let people tell the business of others to them and they do not share their own. Unless you are someone they truly trust, you won’t be learning any of their secrets.

4. You practice self-care.

People with high vibrations take care of themselves. They know that their own well being is important and so they put it first. If they do not take care of themselves they won’t be able to take care of others.

5. You feel strong.

People with high vibrations feel strong. They do not walk around with their heads down and moods low. They hold their own and bring with them a sense of power. While they do have their weak moments, they always pick themselves back up.

6. You are in good health and overall financially stable.

People with high vibrations are for the most part in good health and comfortable with their finances. This is because they are operating on a level that resonates with the universe. Because they are where they need to be they are able to manifest things within their lives.

7. You are content in your own life.

People with high vibrations are content with who they are and how they are moving forward. They know that even the hard parts of life happen for a reason. While things might not always be as great as they want them to be they are still staying as positive as possible.

8. You are an open-minded individual.

People with high vibrations are usually quite open-minded. They will approach each and every situation being able to look at it from all perspectives. They don’t push their way or views on others. They are willing to see things in a different light.

9. You do not hold grudges.

People with high vibrations do not hold grudges. They are quick to forgive and quick to forget. They nurture their connections and know all too well how easy it is to make mistakes in this life.

10. Time moves by quickly.

People with high vibrations feel time moving by much more quickly than most other people do. They feel as if hours are minutes and weeks are days. Each year passes by their eyes within a mere blink.

11. You have found emotional balance.

People with high vibrations are able to balance out their emotions. They do not overreact to things and tend to think their reactions through. When something upsets them, they ask themselves why it is upsetting them and go from there.

12. Things always seem to be falling into place.

People with high vibrations are always having things happen in their lives. They always seem to be doing fun stuff or having things handed to them. While they are working hard, most people who are operating on a low vibrational level cannot see it.

13. Your intuition is quite powerful.

People with high vibrations are usually very intuitive. They listen to their gut feeling and never ignore it. When the voice in their head speaks they know it is saying something important.

The more you nurture your connection to this world the more prominent your vibration will become. There is always room for improvement in the world of energies.

Image via Fly Pics