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 When you’re in a relationship after a while things begin to get ‘comfortable’ and while this is great, it can make letting go hard when it’s needed. Breaking up is something a lot of people end up having to do but most never really know when to do it.

If you’re struggling to figure out if your relationship is nearing its end or should already be over then chances are you’re either really needing to work on things or holding onto something that has already died out. Being with someone all the while not being truly connected is only going to bring you and your partner down in the long-run and should be avoided. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you are in serious need of some time in the single life. While the idea of being single might come across as scary, it is a lot better on everyone involved if you cut things off rather than dragging them along.

17 Signs You Need To End Your Relationship:

1. You just can’t work through your problems.

If you and your significant other can’t work through the issues before you, the question of whether things need to end will come up. If you have tried time and time again to make things work and it’s just not working cutting ties might be the best option. You have to work on yourself before you can work through things sometimes.

2. Your needs are not being met.

If your needs within your relationship are not being met you should jump ship. Your needs matter and when your partner refuses to see that things need to change. You can’t keep letting yourself fall through the cracks.

3. Communication is seriously lacking within the relationship.

If you and your partner cannot communicate properly things will never work. Communication is one of the most important things within a relationship. Without communication, it’s not even worth trying.

4. You keep feeling like you need to find someone else.

If your mind keeps pushing you away from your partner there is a reason for it. You shouldn’t be searching for love while in a relationship. This isn’t fair to anyone involved.

5. You’re being mistreated within the relationship.

If your partner is mistreating you be it verbally or physically there is no reason for you to stay. These kinds of people do not deserve the people who care for them, period. There have to be lines drawn for this kind of thing.

6. You’re just not happy in the relationship.

If you aren’t happy and nothing is working to fix your unhappiness breaking things off might be a good idea. Happiness is important and you need it in your life. Love isn’t supposed to complete you.

7. You feel like you cannot trust your partner.

Trust is also one of those things you cannot go within in a relationship. If you cannot trust your partner and nothing you do can allow things to change you shouldn’t be together. You can only try for so long before things run dry.

8. Things feel very one-sided.

You feel like you’re trying so hard and getting nowhere. No matter how much effort you put forth your partner does not do the same. Relationships are partnerships, and shouldn’t feel like a battle within yourself.

9. You’re unable to feel good about yourself.

If you aren’t able to feel good about yourself and you know your partner is to blame you need a new partner. We’re supposed to build one another up not tear each other down. You shouldn’t feel like your partner doesn’t think you’re good enough for him/her.

10. The cons of being together outweigh the pros.

If once you’ve weighed everything out in your mind and the cons outweigh the pros you need to end things. This is like beating a dead horse, you’re getting nowhere. If you keep on you’ll end up far more stuck than you could ever imagine.

11. You feel like you’ve grown apart.

If you and your partner are unable to grow together and instead are only growing apart you need to break it off. You can only keep stringing one another on for so long before you realize things just aren’t going to work. There is no need to keep pushing when you’re breaking apart as is.

12. You just don’t like being around your partner/can’t stand them.

If you hate your partner or cannot stand being around him or her you shouldn’t be with them. We all deserve the presence of someone who enjoys being with us. There should be no disconnect in this.

13. You cannot see yourself with this person forever.

If you don’t see yourself with this person forever then why waste your time? We all want forever and if that’s not an option don’t bother. You and your partner need to be able to build a future with one another.

14. You feel like you’re being forced to compromise on your values.

The more time you spend with this person the more you feel like you’re changing yourself. You shouldn’t have to change yourself or your values for anyone. Relationships don’t work this way.

15. You’re fighting all the time.

If you and your partner are fighting all the time you might need to think about cutting your losses. The more you argue the worse off you’re going to feel with one another and in each other’s presence. This is pointless and shouldn’t be something you feed into.

16. You don’t really care for the person you’re with anymore.

If you don’t think you care about someone they shouldn’t be your partner. You owe it to them to cut them loose in this kind of situation. Everyone deserves to be with someone who actually likes them.

17. You’re just not attracted to your partner.

If you aren’t attracted to your partner sometimes that could be enough for you to end things. While this won’t be enough for everyone, it is something to consider. You and your partner can sometimes work on this but if you can’t. Considering how important attraction is to you is crucial.