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While sometimes having your grandparents around as you grow up isn’t always an option for those who have had the amazing experience they know how supportive and encouraging grandparents truly are. Sure, mothers and fathers are there for their children but when it comes to connections that reach ‘another level’ that of a grandparent-grandchild duo is mind-blowing.

The benefits of having grandparents around have been touted throughout the years and proven in many studies but for some reason, not many people really stop to appreciate who their grandparents are and who their grandparents have helped them become. Sure, they are great (and free) babysitters who always have your children’s best interest in mind, but they go so much further than that.

Below I am going to go over some of the more overlooked benefits that come with having both of or at least one of your grandparents around on either side of the family. The more time you spend with them the more you grow. Not only are you able to gain from them, but they are also gaining through being able to spend time with you.

17 Reasons Why Kids Need Their Grandparents In Their Lives:

1. They usually don’t care how unique we are and remind us to be ourselves above all else.

While your mom might not want to be seen in public with you wearing those plastic heels and that red lipstick that you’ve put all over the side of your face, your grandparents aren’t going to mind. They’re going to enjoy the moment and allow you to be who you are. While it might not seem like much, to those who are squashed at home being free at grandma’s house is an amazing feeling.

2. They are always a constant.

Regardless of what you or your family is going through your grandparents are always there when you need a night away. They will come get you no matter where you are and make sure you’re alright. You can always count on them.

3. There is no hiding things from them.

Your grandparents know you better than anyone else. They can tell when you’re upset or when something is eating at your mind. They are able to pick up on even the smallest changes.

4. They need us just as much as we need them.

As our grandparents grow older and older they become more and more closed off. Spending time with their grandchildren is a way for them to be social and spend time doing more than just sitting around watching television. This makes them feel needed and gets the children taken care of as well.

5. They can be great role models.

Grandparents usually set wonderful examples. They are responsible, caring, and kind. The more time your kids spend with them the better.

6. They do not judge and know what you’re going through at home.

Your grandparents know what your home life is like, and they don’t judge you based on how you move forth because of it. They sympathize with you and your struggles more than any other person will, and they are able to provide you with real support. They also give some of the best advice.

7. They remind us to laugh and have fun.

When you spend time with your grandparents’ chances are it always ends up with everyone laughing and having a good time. Let’s face it, these old folk know how to party. They are always able to create a great atmosphere.

8. They will make you cookies at midnight just because you want them.

If you want or need something your grandparents will be there for you. They are the only people who will go make you cookies in the middle of the night or let you come over just because you’re not feeling well. They’re so considerate and giving, it is mind-blowing.

9. They know when and where to be most involved.

Grandparents know when to step back and when to step in. They have been through this time and time before and have seemingly mastered it. Grandparents are as involved as they need to be but also know their boundaries.

10. They are always learning from us as we do from them.

Grandparents who are raising children in this age are able to learn just as much from them as the children are learning. They learn how to use smartphones, tablets, computers and become much more plugged in than they would have been in the past. While it might seem a bit odd, we still have people in this world today who are unaware of all the internet has to offer.

11. They spoil us in ways our parents won’t.

Grandparents love to spoil their grandkids. They buy us too much junk food, let us stay up late, and give us the break we feel we need. It’s like being with them is a mini vacation.

12. They are easier to talk to and bring your problems to.

Grandparents understand us better than anyone else and are usually quite easy to talk to. The more you talk to them the more you get done. They have been through and done so much that not many things surprise them.

13. They can tell us so much about our family.

Our grandparents can share stories with us that most others would have long forgotten. They know things about our parents growing up and who our third cousin twice removed is. Asking them questions reveals more than you might ever imagine.

14.  They share their lessons with us.

Our grandparents have been through life to an extent we could only dream of. They through spending time with us are able to share life lessons with us that we otherwise would have to face on our own. We are able to learn through their mistakes.

15. They will never stop loving you.

The love a grandparent offers his or her grandchild is a love that never burns out. Their love is unconditional and true. It cannot be broken.

16. They make you feel like you finally have someone on your side.

Grandparents are the ones you can go to when your parents are upsetting you. They will get onto them and make you feel better depending on the situation and are almost always on our side. You have someone who is able to say ‘hey just let her come stay the night, it’ll be alright’ rather than blowing up over something you’ve done.

17.  They appreciate the moment on a deeper level than most people.

Our grandparents have lived their lives and are at the point where they may not live many more years. This is something they have come to terms with and are addressing big time. They live in the moment and appreciate every second they spend with you because they know that each one could be the last.