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We all have guardian angels and spirits who watch over us. Some of us are in tune with those spirits and others wouldn’t know how to spot them even if they were standing right before them.

Your spirit guide or guardian angels, in general, are energetic beings that surround you at all times. They are by your side even when you feel like you have no one. These guides help push you in the right direction and make your time here on this planet much more productive.

Below I am going to go over some of the most important things you should do and remember when it comes to tuning into the frequency of your spirit guide and working to better understand the angels around you. Doing these things will help you to cultivate the best possible connection that can be had with those who are meant to push you to be the best version of yourself.

16 Things You Should Do If You Want To Cultivate A More Intense Connection With Your Spirit Guide:

1. Relax more and breathe properly.

When you are operating from a place of peace you will be more in tune with the universe around you. In all of this, you will be working more closely with your angels. Those of the spirit world are meant to really push you but they know your limits much better than you do when you’re both on the same page everything is great.

2. Pay attention to your dreams.

Our dreams are one of the best places for spirit guides to come forth and make themselves known. They will send messages to us through our dreams time and time again. You might not see them right away but as things progress they will become quite apparent.

3. Be clear with your intentions.

When you are clear with your intentions you can do anything. The universe and those guiding you will align with your goals to make sure things happen more properly. They will be the push you might be hoping for if you allow them to truly feel what you are feeling.

4. Go through the ‘door.’

There is a door you will find when meditating that can and will open up far more waves of communication than you might imagine. This door might not be physical but it is truly powerful In working with it, you can cultivate something magical.

5. Invite them in.

Inviting your spirits into your life and allowing your angels to work for you is like opening up a can of success. You have to give if you want to receive and allowing them in is the first step. You cannot close yourself off from them and still expect to find yourself.

6. Give thanks to them.

When it comes to moving forth in life we must all give thanks to our guides. They are the ones bringing us closer to where we need to be. Without them, we would not be able to do or be the things we are right now.

7. Meditate over their presence.

When you feel like you’re not as connected to your angels, meditating over their presence is one of the best things that can be done. The more you have them on your mind the better connected they will be to you. Meditating can clear your mind and leave you feeling a lot better than you would be feeling otherwise.

8. Literally, ask for signs.

Ask your guides for signs, and they will give them to you. While you might not know it when you see it, the more you look the more you will find. Signs can come in a wide range of forms and are usually quite subtle.

9. Keep a journal of your interactions with them.

Write down all of your interactions with your angels and spirits. When you see a sign, write it down and go over the possible meanings. The more interactions you notice the more you will be able to analyze them. Breaking things down in writing is a great way to tune into your spirit guide’s world.

10. Be as open as possible.

The more open you are the better your connection will be. You have to be open to the idea of your angels and the things they can do in your life. If you do not believe in them, why would they work for you?

11. Show yourself more love and patience.

Loving yourself and being patient with yourself are both very important things. The more love you show yourself the more love your angels will show you as well. You have to be with yourself the way you would be with the people you care about in life.

12. Use sacred sounds to call on them.

Call on your spirit guide and angels with your sacred sounds. During meditation use all the mantras that would activate your chakras to also activate the energies your guide has to offer you. The more you do this the better.

13. Try to be more energetically sensitive.

Be as energy sensitive as you can be. Try to tune in more to the world around you and the energies in your life. Stop trying to force yourself through the motions.

14. Call for protection.

Call for protection in the best possible ways. Ask your angels to do things for you and for them to protect you when you need it. Don’t hold back, while you might feel like you’re bugging them or asking for too much they are here for a reason.

15. Create a more sacred space.

If you feel like you’re stressed or cluttered work to create a more positive environment. Declutter your home and really go out of your way to make sure the place you spend the most time is as you feel it should be. Sacred spaces will allow you to bring forth more positive energy.

16. Let go of any expectations.

Do not hold onto any expectations. Let go of anything you might assume regarding your guides and angels. Allow yourself to move forward in ways you otherwise could not.

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