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The universe speaks to us in many different ways and for various different reasons! By tuning out of your own personal worlds and listening to your intuition, you can experience the truest form of guidance! Is the universe sending you any of these signs?

The universe works in some very mysterious ways for sure. You might think I sound crazy saying that the universe talks to us every day, but it really does. It just does it in a multitude of different ways. You just have to be paying attention to them! Is the universe sending you any of the signs below? Any of them could be a sign that you are on the right track in your life and you should continue along the path you’re going. Or, perhaps it could be a sign that you need to turn back before it’s too late! It all depends on what your gut is telling you.

1. Hearing A Voice of Guidance

Hearing a voice of guidance in your head that is soft and stern, it might be the universe talking to you.

2. Hearing Voice of Demand

If you’re in a tough situation or stuck between a rock and a hard place, you might hear a demanding voice inside your head telling you what to do. In urgent situations, it might even feel like the universe is shouting at you.

3. Movie Scenes

Sometimes even connecting with the scene of a movie multiple times in a short amount of time can be a sign that the universe is speaking to you.

4. Rainbows

Seeing a rainbow can also be an intuitive sign of guidance, especially if you see more than one!

5. Feeling Dread

If you feel a sudden feeling of dread it could be an intuitive sign of danger that is near.

6. Songs

Hearing songs from your past that you haven’t heard in ages can also be a message from the universe. Listen to what the song is telling you, especially if it just pops into your head.

7. Sudden Sense of Change in Direction

You might even randomly feel as if you need to change direction, even drastically. This could be a lifesaving sign considering dangerous drivers and road conditions that could lie ahead.

8. Seeing A Vivid Image

Have you ever seen an extremely vivid image of a building or a place it might be significant enough to investigate?

9. White Dove

Seeing a white dove come up to you or near you is rare and often thought of as a synchronicity of the universe.

10. Feathers

Feathers popping up out of nowhere could also be a message from the universe. Fathers tend to symbolize wisdom.

11. Increased Intuition

Feeling an increase in tuition definitely means the cosmo is trying to tell you something. Synchronicity often feels like a gut feeling, but you just know when it comes.

12. Suddenly believing in Yourself

If you randomly get a sense of pride in what you’re doing follow through with it! Suddenly being reassured of yourself is probably coming right from the universe.

13. Repeating Numbers

Every time you look at the clock or anything that has numbers you continue to see repeating numbers like 4:44, 3:33, or 11:11.

14. You See Small Changes

When the universe is speaking to you, you might start to notice small changes you didn’t normally use to. You see them all around you every day!

15. Unexplained Anger or Worry

Unexplained anger or worry can be an indicator that you need to be cautious of the decisions you make in the near future.

16. Losing Something Important

Losing an important object that is meaningful to you can also be a sign from the universe. Perhaps you should be more aware of your surroundings, declutter, and keep up with what’s important butter.