Our health is very important, and we often overlook some of the most important signs of it deteriorating. Of course, we often don’t realize how simple these signs are, and because of that, we allow our health to make a nose-dive.

When your body does things out of the usual, it is warning you or something. It might not seem like a big deal right off the bat but as time goes by things will only get worse. And the longer you neglect to fix these symptoms, the further your health will deteriorate.

A lot of easily dismissable issues can come with serious price tags, as even cancer starts off as a minor inconvenience. Sometimes taking things into our own hands and working to figure out what is happening within our bodies can truly mean life or death. Below I am going to go over some of the more common warning signs that things are going wrong in your life with your physical and mental well-being. If these things apply to you, then you should probably speak with your physician.

16 Warning Signs Our Bodies Send

1. You’re not using the bathroom much.

While you might not poop as often as other people, you have your own routine. If you’re not able to produce a bowel movement for days on end, it is definitely time to check on your health.

2. You cannot sleep lately.

Insomnia is something many people deal that can be quite frustrating. Being unable to sleep is not fun for you or the people who have to be around you. If you’re suddenly not able to rest it could be due to you being overly stressed or even be a symptom of a wide range of medical conditions. This could mean anything from heart disease to asthma issues and all that comes in-between.

3. You have no appetite.

While changes in appetite can mean a number of things they are common in those with cancer. This kind of thing can be very serious regardless of what is driving it because without eating your body is not going to be getting the nutrients it needs.

4. You are experiencing persistent chest pain.

Chest pain can be caused by things like muscle soreness or even a heart attack. If the pain you’re feeling is chronic and comes suddenly you should call an ambulance. Even if the pain goes away most of the time you should still get it checked out, heart disease is nothing to joke about.

5. You feel quite fatigued.

If you feel like the whole world has run you over, there is a reason behind it. Whether you’re not getting enough sleep or you’re letting things really get to you on a level that you shouldn’t be something has got to give. Fatigue will only get worse the longer you wait. Take the time you need to rest and if that doesn’t help look elsewhere.

6. You lose weight rapidly without explanation.

Rapid weight loss is a serious issue more often than not. This could be linked with cancer, diabetes, thyroid issues, and so much more. While you might not mind losing the weight at first if ignored you won’t be able to keep hardly any meat on your bones.

7. You are experiencing abdominal pain.

This could mean something as simple as a stomach bug or something as serious as cancer or other diseases. Pay attention to how long this pain lasts and how severe it is. If it does not go away you could be really facing a big problem.

8. Your skin changes color slightly.

Our skin changes color a lot but sometimes when it changes color it is letting us know that something bad is going on. If you notice your skin becoming quite yellow you should see a doctor immediately. This is almost always a sign of pancreatic cancer.

9. You feel like you need to pee but cannot.

Many people chalk this up as being a sign of a UTI.  While this might not sound like much it can be a headache as you would need to go to the doctor to get the medicine you need to clear it up. Both men and women can get UTIs and most do at least once in their lives. This is just something that happens in life.

10. You struggle to clear your mind.

If you’re unable to clear your mind then you’re probably overly stressed. While you might not need to see a doctor right then, you should let yourself chill out for a bit. The more stressed you allow yourself to become, the worse you will feel. Stress takes a physical toll on our bodies as well and most people do not realize that.

11. You have sudden severe headaches.

Sure, we all have headaches but if you’re having them all the time to an extreme extent then something has got to give. There are over 300 types of headaches and so, no two are the exact same. And sometimes, a headache is a symptom of a much larger issue.

12. You have a quite persistent fever.

A fever can be a sign that you have some kind of hidden infection within your body. This could be anything and should be checked out. While some fevers go away, if yours wont, something needs to be done.

13. You are nauseous or sick in general.

While usually nausea passes or being sick doesn’t last long, sometimes it is hard to overcome. When you’re really sick you shouldn’t just deal with it. You should go see what is wrong, as mentioned above time and time again even the smallest things can turn into huge issues.

14. Your legs have swollen.

In a lot of cases, swollen legs and so forth are caused by injuries but not always. Perhaps you have poor circulation or some kind of infection going on? Swollen legs could mean anything from liver failure to excess fluid.

15. Your face and legs feel numb.

We might go numb for a wide range of reasons but for the most part, it is caused by the irritation or compression of nerves. You could be facing a  lot of damage or just a little, it all depends on the nerves affected. On the bright side, numbness is not often associated with serious disorders.

16. You’re sweating a lot more than usual.

While sweating in normal amounts is fine sometimes we end up sweating much more than usual. Some of the causes of excess sweating can include hypoglycemia, fever, infection, or cancer. While you might not have any of these, it is important to be sure.

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