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Flowers are some of the most beautiful things on this planet. There are so many different kinds, and they come in any color you could imagine. 

Some flowers look like what you’d find out in a field on a nice summer’s day and others don’t even seem to belong on this planet. There is mystery within the way many of them look and honestly, I could spend hours looking at unique flowers and plants. If you’re someone who loves flowers or you just need something to do, take a peek below at some of my favorites. Have you ever seen any of these beauties in person?

1. The Jeweled Carpet Flower 

This flower looks like it does not belong here but is such a treat. Grows in a way that makes it look geometrical and surreal. I could stare for days.

(Image Credit: SeeFlowersWorld)

2. The Bat Flower 

This flower looks like something you’d see outside evil witches’ homes or something of the sort. It is stringy and yet also has white wings. The more you look at it, the weirder it gets.

3. Fly Orchid

This flower as the name suggests kind of looks like a fly. It looks like this because it attracts insects and makes them want to pollinate more. While it is a bit odd-looking, it is still quite shiny and beautiful.

4. Flame Lily

This pretty little thing happens to be the national flower of Zimbabwe and is something tons of people find to be captivating. It is colorful and bright in all the best ways. It really looks like flames, doesn’t it?

5. Passiflora Violacea Victoria

This hybrid plant is very interesting. It is often both purple and green with bits of white. It also seems to attract a lot of butterflies.

(Image Credit: gardeningexpress)

6. Lily-Of-The-Valley Flower

This flower might be a bit droopy but it creates the perfect vibe. The more you look at it the more relaxed you likely become. Isn’t it marvelous?

7. Darth Vader Flower

Yes, there is a ‘flower’ that actually looks like the Darth Vader mask. Isn’t it interesting? It sure does give me the creeps.

(Image Credit: GYRO / GETTY IMAGES)

8. Sara Tree Flower

With its beautiful colors and creepy but unique insides, this flower is interesting, to say the least. It grows on a tree known as the cannonball tree and is very pretty. While the look of it sometimes makes me uncomfortable I can’t help but want to give this flower a good sniff.

(Image Credit: Juliet Blankespoor)

9. The Skeleton Flower

This unique little flower becomes transparent when it rains. It is not something you’ll find in the average home but its captivating none-the-less. I’d love to see one in person.

(Image Credit: Shougo Yokato)

10. Bird Of Paradise 

This exotic flower looks like a bird. Actually, a crane to be exact. It is truly marvelous.

(Image Credit: Scott Bauer—ARS/USDA)

11. Jewel Orchid

this one looks like it is covered with fuzz and is bright and dark at the same time. You don’t see things like this just anywhere.

12. Flying Duck Orchid

These ones really do look like flying ducks. They’re actually quite cute and make me wish tiny ducks were a thing. Wouldn’t you want to pet them?

13. Ice Cream Tulip

Don’t you just want to gobble this one up? While it looks like ice cream I promise it does not taste like ice cream. However, it is as soft as it looks.

14. Naked Man Orchid

Well, as you can see these ones are quite peculiar. They seem to be literal tiny naked men. They have everything a man would have as well, or so it seems.

15. Swaddled Babies

These precious little flowers look like swaddled babies. No, they really do. Isn’t it captivating?