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While not everyone cultivates or works to enrich the presence of their sixth sense, we all have one. The more you work with it the more prominent it will become in your life and it doesn’t take that much effort when you really think about it.

Our sixth sense is our intuition but on a heightened level. It is the ability to resonate with and really speak to the other worlds around us even when we cannot see them. If you want your sixth sense to really grow and work in your favor you have to put some attention to it and make sure you’re working to get it to do what it should be doing. 

It doesn’t just go away but it will become weaker if you’re constantly ignoring it and after a while, it will stop trying to get you to hear it out. Below you will find a list of things that can and should be done to make your intuitive side stronger. Through these things, you can truly enhance your sixth sense to the fullest extent possible.

15 Tips For Really Enhancing Your Sixth Sense:

1. Meditate as often as possible.

Meditation is a way to be alone with yourself and align more properly with your intuitive side or your higher self entirely. Let everything go and allow whatever your inner being wants to come forth to do so. This can be a bit scary at first but the more used to it, you become the better the effects will be.

2. Do not ignore clear signs.

Sometimes our intuitive side will speak to us not literally but through others. If someone comes to you and says something that suddenly answers a question you’ve had on your mind but not mentioned to others it’s not just a coincidence. Your sixth sense is capable of really changing things in this physical world more-so than you might be able to comprehend.

3. Keep your body and it’s reactions in mind.

If your body is feeling pain or discomfort in some form you should consider your sixth sense after checking other areas. If we need to remove ourselves from specific places sometimes our sixth sense will go to extremes if we’re already ignoring it. For instance, this could be why some people say they end up feeling quite sick before their intuitive side really hits them hard.

4. Stop resisting your intuitive side.

Don’t be the person who always dismisses things and closes themselves off. If you want your intuitive side to work for you, you have to be willing to trust it. By letting it be accepted and giving it power you can accomplish a lot.

5. Trust yourself above all else.

Just because you cannot explain it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust it. You know what is best for you and you also know that our conscious mind is only a small fraction of the whole thing. There is a lot more to us than meets the eye, period.

6. Live your life in the present moment.

Stop living your life in the past. You cannot change the past you can only create a future and be in the moment. It is not easy to talk to your mind if it’s stuck behind you as you step forth.

7. Be willing to actually talk to yourself. 

Stop refusing to talk to yourself for fear of looking or seeming weird. We are all capable of being tuned into our intuitive side and those who choose to close themselves off are not people we should worry about when it comes to judgment. Your intuitive side has a voice and if you are willing to speak and then listen you can converse with ease.

8. Spend some time in nature.

When we are out of whack and need some energy clearing spending time in nature will do the trick. Meditate while alone and in the ‘wild.’ You would be quite surprised at the things you find within yourself and through Mother Nature herself.

9. Do not just brush off your inner voice.

If you have a voice in your head that is speaking to you, hear it out. Don’t just brush it off. Not everyone is as gifted as you might be and some people do not get this voice in such a clear manner. 

10. Slow things down and really focus.

Stop living life so wide open. Slow down and give your intuitive side a moment to catch up. Let it rest and allow it a moment of peace so that if it needs to speak to you, it can. If you’re constantly running from it how is it going to ever get its point across?

11. Stop repressing your emotions.

Through closing yourself off from your emotions you are also potentially closing yourself off from the sixth sense itself. Your sixth sense can and will send you messages in the form of feelings and the more you listen to them the more important they will become to you. For instance, if a situation feels weird don’t ignore it, remove yourself when you need to.

12. Tune into your senses.

Get out there and smell, feel, and taste new things. The more you work on your other senses the more aware your intuitive side will become of this. It will present itself when you least expect it.

13. Be more creative with your life and have fun.

Let your creative side flow. When you are enriching yourself as a whole you are also bringing more power to your inner being. Through this, your sixth sense can become stronger and more willing to make itself known.

14. Write your thoughts down and stream your consciousness.

Journaling is a very good way to get your intuitive side speaking. Ask yourself things and write the answers as they come forth. You don’t have to think too much about this just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Do not judge yourself or the things you write down, just let them be and embrace them.

15. Do not ignore your dreams.

Look into the meanings of all of your dreams. When we dream something and it feels real it is happening for a reason. The world beyond ours sends us more messages while we are asleep than most will ever understand. Perhaps your sixth sense is more in tune with your dream self than you realize.


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