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When we speak, we express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to others, and the more words we know, the better able we are to do this. I’ve always enjoyed learning new words and expanding my vocabulary, and if you enjoy that as well, check out the following.

Have you ever heard someone say a word you have never heard and instantly felt driven to know what that word means? New words are fun to learn and to use. Even better, as a writer, the more words I learn, the better my writing is. And while we may not all be writers, sending a colorful text, or posting a unique social media post can be fun as well.

Regardless of how you want to implement these new words, you will be glad you did.

1. Draconian

Cruel or severe punishment.

2. Serendipity.

Unexpectedly obtaining a lucky outcome, without seeking it.

3. Wanton.

Mischievous, lewd, or lavish. Sometimes used to define someone or behavior that is uncontrollable.

4. Quixotic.

Foolishly impractical, especially in the pursuit of ideals.

5. Paradigm.

A model, theory, or group of ideas for how things should be done. A pattern for something that may be copied.

6. Misanthrope.

A person who dislikes hates or distrusts humankind.

7. Jejune.

Void of significance or interest, or something dull.

8. Hyperbole.

A form of language that is excessive, or exaggerating.

9. Capricious.

Changing often and quickly, including changing moods and behaviors without logic or reason.

10. Crescendo.

A gradual or steady increase. An alternative word for reference is climax.

11. Kvetch.

To complain, or constantly gripe.

12. Lummox.

Someone who is clumsy, or klutzy.

13. Quiddle.

To be trivial, or fussy. Alternatively, a fussy or fastidious person.

14. Superfluous.

Unnecessary, or excessively more than enough.

15. Zephyr.

A slight, or gentle wind or breeze. Also, could be a gentle breeze from the west.