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Mentally strong people might look like the rest of us, but they sure do stand out. They are capable of things a lot of us struggle with day in and day out.

Mentally strong people are not superhumans or heroes they are simply people who have managed to overcome the breakage between mental strength and mental health. They know that by taking care of themselves emotionally and mentally they will get much further in life. They do not waste any time and are willing to move forward instead of being stuck in the past.

Below I am going to go over some things mentally strong people do not do and how you can learn from them through these things. If you are someone who does these things, props to you. There are areas in which a lot of people should be working. If you want to live the best life possible becoming mentally strong will do a lot of good.

15 Things Mentally Strong People Do Not Do:

1. They do not dwell on the past.

Mentally strong people don’t waste time obsessing over the past. They know that the past is not something they have control over. What has been done is done and cannot be changed.

2. They don’t let other people control them.

Mentally strong people do not let other people run their lives. They are in charge of their lives and no one tells them how to live. They are doing what they want not what everyone else wants.

3. They don’t run from change.

Mentally strong people don’t worry about how change is going to affect them. They welcome change with open arms. They know it will bring forth something positive no matter what.

4. They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.

Mentally strong people don’t waste their time down in the dumps. If they can change something they will and if they can’t, they move on. They know how to grow with ease and that is something we all need to learn how to do.

5. They don’t try to please everyone.

Mentally strong people are not people pleasers. They know that they cannot make the whole world happy. They try their best to keep themselves happy and stick with that.

6. They don’t ignore the lessons behind their mistakes.

Mentally strong people learn their lessons when they make mistakes. They do not have to keep making the same mistakes. They pay attention to the lessons that come with failure.

7. They don’t give up their power or strength.

Mentally strong people do not give up their personal strength. They know who they are and stay true to that. You cannot take that away from them.

8. They don’t fear being alone.

Mentally strong people are not afraid of being alone. They are comfortable with themselves; therefore, being alone is no punishment.

9. They don’t tear others down.

Mentally strong people help build others up. They know what it is like to be torn down and don’t do that to others. They care more than they should.

10. They don’t refuse to take risks when necessary.

Mentally strong people take the risks that need to be taken. They are not afraid to jump sometimes. They know that not everything in life is certain.

11. They don’t waste energy on things they cannot control.

Mentally strong people don’t waste their energy on things they cannot change or control. If something bad happens they assess it and work through it. They do what they need to do no matter what.

12. They don’t let people cross their boundaries.

Mentally strong people do not let others cross their personal boundaries. They respect themselves enough to make sure that does not happen. They have these boundaries for a reason.

13. They don’t sit around being lazy.

Mentally strong people are hard workers. They are not lazy or people who will fall into a rut. They are quite active and usually put together.

14. They don’t ever give up on the important stuff.

Mentally strong people do not give up on the important things. They will keep pushing for as long as they need to. They do not let go of things that truly matter.

15. They don’t give up who they are.

Mentally strong people are always going to be themselves. They aren’t going to be fake or try to act as if they are better than everyone else. They are who they are whether you like them or not.