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Being an introvert in an extroverted world can be a difficult path. And one of the most difficult aspects of this path is likely the fact that people always misunderstand your intentions.

Growing up as an introvert, people always misunderstood me. Even now, people commonly perceive me as rude, or anti-social, and that simply isn’t the case. When you get to know me, I am extremely friendly and I love spending time with the people closest to me. While many introverts don’t have a crowd with them at all times, we do still have people we are close to and spend time with.

We are just a bit more withdrawn, and that isn’t because we don’t like socializing, it is because we are just different. Here are 15 commonly misunderstood habits and misconceptions about introverts we need to let go of now.

1. They prefer small groups to big parties.

Introverts feel bogged down in large groups of people. It isn’t that we don’t like people, it’s that we prefer being close to a small group of people that we comfortable with. Many people, especially extroverts don’t understand this, because they would much prefer a large party of people.

2. They are private.

In modern times, most people are pretty open about every aspect of their life. Introverts on the other hand are private. We value our privacy and get close to certain people, not everyone.

3. They need time to regroup.

After a lot of socializing, introverts need time to recharge. Since we typically spend a lot of time alone, and when we aren’t alone we spend our time in small groups, when we engage in a lot of social activity in a short period, we need time to pause.

4. They aren’t always into group activities.

Doing work as a group can be exhausting for an introvert. It’s not that we don’t like people, it’s because we are used to working alone, or in very small and intimate groups. The thought of doing a large group activity can be overwhelming as an introvert.

5. They don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve.

Many people misunderstand this one and assume introverts are emotionless. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are just likely to show our emotions to just anyone.

6. They aren’t shy.

Being an introvert doesn’t equate to being shy. I’m not shy at all. I could befriend or talk to just about anyone. Oftentimes, people assume that because you are introverted you must be shy. And that isn’t true.

7. They enjoy being around people.

Let me say this louder for the people in the back: introverts DO enjoy being around people. Just because we are more to ourselves and less likely to draw everyone’s attention to us, doesn’t mean we don’t want to be around people. I love being around people. Just not all the time.

8. They aren’t weak or meek.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean I am a weak person or a meek person. Actually, in small groups or one on one conversations, most introverts can be pretty vocal. We just don’t care to control the conversation or be the center of a large group.

9. They are cautious about who they are around.

People always assume introverts are weird, or even snobby. We aren’t snobs, and we like to be around people. We are just careful about who we get close to or spend a lot of time with because we know that not all people are going to match our energy. We don’t believe we are better than anyone, we are just peculiar about the people we get close to.

10. They are more introspective.

Introverts spend a lot of time in private contemplation. Throughout my life, I have found myself stuck in my head when I am around people. And they often think I am weird or ignoring them, but I am not. I am just thinking about the circumstances from every angle and choosing my words and actions carefully.

11. They aren’t party poopers.

Most people hear the word ‘introvert,’ and instantly think of someone sitting completely alone at a party, being no fun. And I hate to break it to you- but I know a lot of introverts and all of them enjoy having a good time.

12. They aren’t any less happy than an extrovert.

Extroversion does not equate to being happy and bubbly. Most people assume that introverts are less happy than extroverts. I hate to break it to you, but your personality type doesn’t determine how happy you are going to be.

13. They think before they speak.

When asked a question, an introvert will likely need a moment to think. A lot of people misunderstand this, especially extroverts who are quick to say the first thing that comes to mind. Introverts, on the other hand, want to choose their words carefully.

14. They are cautious.

Introverts are cautious people by nature. We are cautious about our words, we are cautious about our energy, and we are cautious about where and who we spend our time with.

15. They aren’t rude.

So many people think introverts are rude or have no social skills. That isn’t true. We aren’t rude or anti-social. We love talking, socializing, and having fun too. We are just a bit more reserved and don’t socialize as often or in as big of groups as other people may prefer.