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White witches are people who practice magic for unselfish reasons. They give back to those they care for and really work wonders in the lives of everyone around them.

White witches come in all different shapes and sizes, no two will be the exact same. You can be a white witch without even realizing it. These are the people who work in this world to do all the good they can whether they are aware of their magical potential or not.

White witches tune into the world around them and become one with nature time and time again. They send out positive and allow it back. They are much more gentle and kind than most other people. Sure, witches, in general, have a negative stigmatism surrounding them but white witches are overwhelmingly good and positive.

Being a white witch is a wonderful gift. It means that you experience things most other people never will. You see this world and all of the life on it in a different way.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you or someone you know might be a white witch and not even realize it. The more you understand the more you can learn. Have you ever been drawn to things most other people wouldn’t think twice about?

15 Signs Someone is A White Witch:

1. People tend to open up to you.

People are really drawn to white witches. They are easy to speak to and really welcoming. Their aura is a very bright and warm one.

2. You tend to wake up in the middle of the night.

White witches sometimes wake during the witching hour. This happens to a lot of magic-inclined people. Whether or not they can sleep after waking varies.

3. You have overly vivid dreams.

White witches are sent messages in their dreams. Their dreams are much more vivid than the dreams of others. It’s as if they are awake and going about their day all the while being asleep.

4. Sometimes you can feel someone speaking to you from within.

White witches are much more intuitive than most people. Their intuition literally speaks to them. It’s a whisper they cannot ignore.

5. Animals are drawn to you.

Animals are drawn to the auras of white witches. They know they are safe with the white witch and so they are not afraid of her. They seem to follow her no matter where she goes.

6. You have without question a great respect for nature.

White witches have always and will always strongly respect nature. They have had this sense of respect since they were born and it is not questionable. They will never slack off.

7. You feel connected with all that is around you.

White witches are connected much more deeply with their surroundings than other people. They can sense that oneness on a more real level. Their consciousness is elevated.

8. The moon phases really get to you.

White witches are very energy sensitive and the moon holds a lot of energy. Each time there is a change in the moon they feel it. They can sense much more than you think.

9. Strangers are drawn to you.

Strangers also feel safe with the white witch. They are drawn to white witches because of their aura. They are quick to come and open up to them even when they have no idea who they are.

10. You love helping others even when it puts you behind.

White witches are all about helping other people. They would and do go above and beyond. They do all they can for those in need.

11. Being in nature relaxes you.

White witches are most relaxes when in nature. Nature allows their stress to melt away and really sets them where they feel they need to be. They are so connected with Mother Nature it is unreal.

12. You turn emotions into useful energy.

White witches are able to turn emotions be them negative or otherwise into useful energy. They make something out of everything before them. Even the worst moments bring something positive.

13. Your soul is very sensitive.

White witches are naturally  very sensitive people. When something bad happens it really gets to them even when they work through it. They aren’t quick to move forward, they really feel everything.

14. You strongly believe in the greater good.

White witches believe in the greater good above all else. They know that there is good in this world and that even the worst people deserve chances. They are much purer than most others.

15. You always opt for the ‘natural’ alternative.

White witches are always drawn to natural remedies and alternatives. They like to use herbs and really make things that can help others. They are always quick to have a solution for everything.