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Sure, we don’t often think about whether or not we respect ourselves, but I feel it is something we should all really take the time to go over at one point or another. Because everything that we allow to happen to us is a reflection of how we think of ourselves you can learn a lot through assessing this kind of thing.

If you do not respect yourself you are going to be setting yourself up for a lot of bullshit in life. Sure, we all struggle to accept ourselves in their most genuine form but coming to terms with who we are is important. Accepting yourself, even the flaws and imperfections will make a huge difference in your life.

The list below is of things a lot of us do frequently that are disrespectful to our very beings. If you are doing these things while they may not seem disrespectful, they are influencing your life.

15 Signs You Are Being Disrespectful to Yourself:

1. You let other people tell you what to do.

Other people walk all over you. You are constantly doing what everyone else wants you to do instead of what you want to do. Your life is basically being ruled by others.

2. You do not listen to your gut.

You don’t trust your intuition. When it is trying to tell you something you ignore it. This is not good and is a sign that you do not trust your higher self.

3. You let people take advantage of your kindness.

You are constantly letting people run all over you. You do everything you possibly can for other people and no one really does much for you. You are all give and no take.

4. You bottle your emotions.

When we bottle our emotions we are causing a build up of repressed emotions. This causes turmoil in our lives and can present itself in many ways. Regardless of what you are feeling you owe it to yourself to face it and let it go.

5. You take on far more than you can handle.

You are always promising more than you can do. You take on too much and end up letting people down. Through this, you are also letting yourself down. You have to know your limits, we are not perfect.

6. You are always putting off your dreams.

You never follow your dreams. You are constantly doing things for everyone else and it is really setting you back. Stop wasting your time. You deserve so much more and achieving your dreams is something you can do.

7. Your life ‘plan’ is not your own.

If you are living the life someone else has planned for you, things will never work. You have to figure out who you are and where you want to be in YOUR life. Be true to who YOU are, and remember you cannot please everyone.

8. You are always being too hard on yourself.

You are not hard on other people but you are hard on yourself. You criticize yourself for even the smallest mistake and getting over it is not easy. Stop being your own worst enemy and be your own biggest fan.

9. You never put yourself first.

You really need to learn how to put yourself first. Your own needs should come above everything else. You are the only person you have at the end of the day, don’t put yourself last.

10. You are a very angry person.

You are always angry. There is always something bothering you. This is a sign that you are not living life in the way you want to. If something is angering you, change it.

11. You are very judgmental.

You are always judging other people and yourself. No matter what it is or who it is, you can find something to complain about. This is only going to make you fairly isolated in the end.

12. You seek validation from others.

You want other people to like you. If you are doing something, you want people to notice. If you are not receiving the validation you need from others you get upset.

13. You are constantly forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do.

You are always doing stuff that you really hate doing or you don’t want to do. If it is not something you absolutely have to do, then don’t do it. There is no need to make yourself miserable.

14. You always find yourself in toxic relationships.

You are always moving from one toxic relationship to the next. You don’t learn the lessons you are supposed to learn because you are attracted to the toxicity. This is setting yourself up for failure time and time again.

15. Nothing you ever do is good enough.

No matter what you do, it is never good enough. You are always trying to improve too rapidly. This leaves you pretty disappointed most of the time.

If you are doing these things you are being very disrespectful to yourself. The only way to become more respectful of yourself is to work through them and get to know who you truly are. You are amazing and you deserve to live the life you want to live, don’t let people walk all over you and avoid doing the things above. Step outside of the box.

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