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Have you ever had the feeling you were different, strange, or just didn’t fit in with people your age? If so, it could be that you are an old soul, or wise beyond your years. However, there’s much more that goes into it than that.

People who are wise beyond their years are different. They view the world differently, and they navigate through it differently as well. While their age may not show it, deep down inside, they are carrying the wisdom of someone much older.

If you feel like you might be wise beyond their years, here are 12 signs that show it.

1. You don’t care about material things.

Material things have a place, but they aren’t something you obsess about. Rather than being focused on what you can get from life (in a material way) you are more so focused on the connections you make with others, and strive to live a better life.

2. You value meaningful connections over small talk.

Small talk bores you, and when you talk with people, you often try to push the conversation in a deeper direction. At times, that may make others feel uncomfortable, but you can’t help it, small talk just isn’t your thing.

3. You are the person others come to for advice.

Your friends, family, and even strangers seek you out for advice. Oftentimes, you find that you are the voice of reason for others, and while it may not make sense to you, the advice you give is quite helpful to your friends and family.

4. You are highly intuitive.

You may find that you can sense things about people and situations that others cannot. Without your friends or family even saying anything, you can tell when they are going through something and are highly sensitive to what they are going through.

5. You are a listener, not a talker.

In conversations, you often take a step back, and rather than dominating the conversation, you sit back and listen. At times, people may think you are shy when in reality, you truly enjoy listening to others.

6. You are a student of life.

You love new experiences, learning new things, and trying new things. Life is like a school to you and you strive to stay open to learning all it has to teach.

7. You feel like an alien when you are around people your age.

Since you were a child, you never felt quite right among people your age. For whatever reason, you always felt older and as though you didn’t fit in with your age group.

8. You spend a lot of time by yourself.

Most people probably view you as an introvert, and while that may be slightly true, you truly appreciate time alone. You know there is value in being able to take time to yourself, and you seek that time as much as possible.

9. You are introspective.

During your time alone, you value introspection. You may find yourself seeking out moments where you can draw your awareness to what is going on within you, and you are constantly trying to maintain that awareness and listen to your inner dialogue.

10. You are observant.

In social situations and other situations, you pay attention to what is going on around you. You hate being caught off guard, and to understand, you observe.

11. You focus on growth.

Life is all about growth to you. Even when things don’t go perfect, if your mistakes can help you grow and evolve, they serve a purpose to you.

12. You are fascinated with the past.

You love history and piecing the past together. Since you were a child, you find yourself being drawn to ask people about the past, looking at pictures of the past, and are fascinated with the history of everyone.

13. You are an overthinker.

Since you are highly introspective and observant, you are also a bit of an overthinker. At times this can be a great thing, but at other times, it can get carried away from you.

14. You are a critical thinker

You don’t take anything at face value. When someone tells you something, you aren’t one to accept it until you think about it on your own. You question everything.

15. The modern age scares you a bit.

While most people are happy to embrace the newest technology, you find yourself wondering what purpose everything serves, It bothers you that people are so tuned into social media, and while you know technology can be good, you also know it could be bad.