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For some reason, assertive women typically end up having a bad reputation. That being said, their lives are much better because they take no shit.

If you are questioning whether you are a badass woman check for the following signs.

1. You are opinionated but do not always think you are right.

Just because you are confident and assertive does not mean that you think you can have whatever you want. You speak up when you are in need and know when you are wrong.

2. You are successful when it comes to your career.

You are a hard worker and have no problem when it comes to negotiating wages and asking for promotions. You will do what is needed to make sure your hard work is recognized.

3. You are often put in leadership roles.

You are obviously someone who does well in leadership roles and those around you notice this quickly.


4. People often come to you for advice.

This happens because you are brutally honest.

5. You are not one to sugar-coat anything for anyone.

You will always speak your mind.

6. You are confident.

This is one of the reasons why people listen to you so well. Sometimes people may think you are bitchy, but you don’t give a shit.

7. People listen to you.

When you talk people stop to listen because what you have to say matters. You make yourself known.

8. You ask a lot of questions.

You will not go away from something until you understand it completely.

9. You take no shit.

If someone starts shit with you or throws shade you deal with it immediately.

10. Some men are even afraid of you.

Sometimes men run in the opposite direction of you because you are so intimidating. You need a man as strong as you are, someone, who can keep up.

11. You don’t care who you piss off.

Like I mentioned earlier, you speak your mind. If that happens to upset someone, oh well. You will continue to do whatever you want.

12. You have been called a bitch plenty of times.

People are not used to women standing up for themselves, and it often gets us called bitches. That being said, if they wanna call you a bitch you sure as hell will show them one.


13. You will be there for those who matter no matter what.

You will stand up for your family even when shit gets hard. You are the go to when shit gets real.

14. No one will stand up to you because you are right.

If someone is causing trouble they will be on their knees by the time you get to them. They do not want conflict with you.

15. You know what really matters in life and will not compromise it for anything.

Nothing and no one will get between you and the things that are important to you.