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Toxic relationships come in many shapes and sizes. What you might consider fine could be tearing others apart, looking at things from an outside perspective is always important.

Far too often we allow those who wish to do us harm or use us closer than we should. Unhealthy relationships can consist of a lot of different things and come with abuse on all levels. Whether you’re facing emotional, physical, or any other kind of abuse you need to work to become more aware so that you can work through it and move on. While you might not see it just yet, the more you break things down the more clear toxic behaviors can and will become depending on your situation.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs of an unhealthy relationship that most people don’t think about until they’re way in over their heads. If these signs are present within your relationships perhaps you need to cut ties and find someone worth your attention. There is never anything wrong with leaving those who are not helping you grow and supporting you properly. At the end of the day, we always have to do what is best for ourselves.

(Please keep in mind as well that just because a relationship is unhealthy does not mean it is necessarily abusive, sometimes we just don’t take care of each other in the ways we should and moving on is our best option.)

15 Signs You’re In An Unhealthy Relationship:

1. You cannot talk to your partner about things that matter to you.

When you are unable to talk to your partner about things that are happening within your lives or your relationship you are facing something serious. Communication is one of the most important things in relationships, without it, things will never work. A lack of communication can turn the most adorable connection into something toxic quickly.

2. Your partner is constantly pushing you to do things you do not want to do and would not do otherwise.

You should never be with someone who is pushing you to do things that you do not want to do. While we sometimes do have to do things that we aren’t interested in, we shouldn’t have to go through with things that do not align with our own morals and so forth. Once you say no, that should be it. There should not be any back and forth in this regard.

3. Your partner spends more time ignoring you than not.

If your lover is spending more time giving you the silent treatment than he or she is being on good terms perhaps there are more problems than you can see present. This person is already trying to build distance from you, cutting ties might be your best option. You should not waste your time on someone who refuses to give you any of their efforts.

4. Your partner is always trying to close you off from those you are closest with.

If your partner is trying to close you off from your friends and family you should see it as a red flag. This is something manipulators do in order to gain more control over us. You are not a toy and you should not be treated as such.

5. There is no support or dependability within your relationship with this person.

Support and dependability are crucial when it comes to relationships. If you cannot support one another and rely on one another you should not be together. These things are not negotiable.

6. Your partner is constantly belittling you.

You should never be with someone who refuses to build you up. As a couple, you should be growing together not tearing one another down. If your partner has nothing good to say about you, show them the door lock it on their way out.

7. You are always walking on eggshells around your partner.

You should not feel like a stranger in your own home. If you are constantly on edge and scared to say the wrong thing around your partner, you’re with the wrong person. Comfort and safety are not something you should ever compromise when it comes to dating.

8. You do not feel in control of your life.

We only get one life and you are in control of yours. The more control you allow others over the things you do the worse off you will feel. If your partner feels more like a parent than a lover, you might need to rethink things.

9. Your partner refuses to talk about issues you have within the relationship.

You and your partner need to be able to talk about the problems you’re going through. If you cannot go to them to get things out and in the open, you have no place in their lives at all. As noted above, communication is important. Why waste your time with someone who isn’t willing to build with you anyways?

10. You tend to have to make excuses for your partner’s behaviors.

If you have to make excuses for your partner’s bad behavior or abusive ways you need to move on. You are not your partner, and he or she should not be doing things that throw you under the bus like that. If he or she will treat you badly in front of those you are closest to then they already don’t value you at all.

11. You feel like you bring out the worst in one another.

If you bring out the worst in one another then moving on is the best option. While you might care for one another, you cannot grow if you’re just holding each other back. Sometimes we just don’t match up in the ways we wish we did and there is nothing wrong with doing what is best for your own well-being in finding someone else.

12. You feel like your partner is always trying to make you look stupid.

If your partner is always making you feel bad and bringing you down, you don’t have much of a partner at all. You shouldn’t have to feel like your lover is better than you. Relationships are partnerships, no one is more important than the other. If he or she calls you names and makes you feel dumb on purpose, why waste your time?

13. Your partner makes you feel ugly.

Your partner should love your skin and all of the things that make you who you are. If you feel ugly and unattractive then perhaps you should be ending things. While sometimes there are ways to get around this one, if your lover isn’t making you feel loved there are not many options. Be with someone who makes you feel like the most beautiful person on this planet.

14. There is no respect in your relationship.

When we are with someone who refuses to respect us we are in a very negative situation. The longer this goes on the worse things will become. This kind of toxicity is not something anyone should ever put up with. Respect is also one of the things you should never consider negotiable within your relationships.

15. You do not feel like your emotional needs are being met.

If you are feeling like your needs are not being met whether they’re emotional needs or otherwise, you should get out of the relationship. Sitting down and talking things out when the other signs on this list are present will not do you any good. Sometimes a fresh start is more than just a breath of fresh air.