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While most of us like to think we are significant and that we, compared to others, are advanced beings. However, more often than not, we are incorrect, but that isn’t to say we aren’t all capable of doing big things.

So, how do we know if we are, in fact, advanced compared to others? First of all, if we are that is amazing, and we need to continue down our path. But, if we aren’t considered advanced, there are a number of spiritual methods of advancement. I suggest mindfulness meditation, chakra balancing, and other forms of spiritual enhancement. Truly, the sky is the limit.
Start here by checking these signs of advanced souls.

1. They are comforting.

Have you ever been around someone that just feels like home? These are the ones that are considered to be advanced. People who are not only comfortable by themselves but also bring a sense of comfort to others are advanced souls.

2. They are highly intuitive.

People who trust their gut, and go with their instincts are much better for it. More often than not, our gut knows.

3. Advanced souls are already trying to get better.

People who are advanced know that our quest for knowledge is never over. They are always trying to be a better version of themselves.

4. They are truly compassionate.

While many people claim to care, our actions speak louder than words. Those who really are compassionate are advanced.

5. Animals love them.

Do animals come up to you out of nowhere? If animals that are normally fearful of others love you, then you may be an advanced soul.

6. They are old souls.

When we have lived various lives and learned many lessons, we become advanced. Our advancement often shows how we approach life.

7. They are grateful.

If you are truly grateful for what spirit has presented you with- you are going to live a better life because of it. Not only will you be open to the gifts spirit has to offer, but you will also be happy and content with the simplicity of the life you already have.

8. They are sincere.

When you interact with other people, are you honest and sincere? When we are conscious of the things we do and aware of others, we allow ourselves to grow.

9. Their aura is bright.

When people meet you, how do they act? The more receptive people are you to your vibes and your spirit, the brighter your aura likely is.

10. They love with all their heart.

While loving others is noble, the depth of our love is what matters. Yes, people will hurt you when you love with all you have, but the benefits to your soul & your circle are worth it.

11. They are natural healers.

People gravitate towards healers, and advanced souls have healing energy. If people brag about how they feel after being around you, then you are a natural healer.

12. They believe in being connected to the world around them.

People who are advanced are more connected with other creatures, and everything else around them. They naturally are comfortable with other people, because they sense a part of themselves within them.

13. They are comfortable with who they are.

They are not only comfortable in their own skin, they love being alive. While they accept that life is hard, they also know that it’s a journey and totally worth it!

14. They don’t care about material things.

Because they know that true happiness comes from within, they don’t focus on material things. Advanced souls know that there are things much more important than what can be bought.

15. They are content being alone.

While most people, including the advanced soul, crave the attention of other people, those who are advanced also know the value of being alone.