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Old souls seem to have a lot of issues in this world, but they do their bests and get along just fine. However, the old soul doesn’t always have an easy time when it comes to love.

To be honest an old soul is the best kind of partner. Young souls just seem to find them to be less appealing because they tend to clash with one another. Old souls seem to have more trouble in love than others.

1. They know who they are.

It is hard to be with someone who knows her/himself so well. Especially when you don’t know who you are yet.

2. They know what they want in a partner.

They know what it is they’re looking for and won’t settle for less. When it comes to finding someone to be with they will not be with someone who isn’t exactly what they want in a relationship.

3. Their intuitiveness sometimes gets in the way of things.

They are prone to overthinking and it ruins a lot of things in this life for them. They make assumptions and worry far too much.

4. They have a greater purpose that needs to be addressed before they find love.

Their life plans are much bigger than we could have imagined. While this is not true for all old souls many of them have an intense greater purpose.

5. They are overwhelmed by a twin flame relationship.

Be it a relationship from the past or not they are too attached to something that was meant to be but not in this life. The intense connection has created a high nothing else can give them.

6. They are not party animals and will not search for love in the ways most people do.

They spend more time at home or working rather than out shopping for a partner.

7. They are not often compatible with most people.

While people find them interesting they do not often want a romantic relationship with them, Old souls often get friend zoned.

8. They tend to attract people who need help and not love.

This is terrible and can leave an old soul dealing with some serious problems. They want to help in any way they can and sometimes people end up using them for their own gain.

9. They do not play games.

Either you are with them or you are not. They want all or nothing. They don’t care about coming off as cool or wooing others. They are who they are.

10. Their standards are too high.

They want the perfect relationship and aren’t willing to budge on it, not even a little.

11. They come with baggage.

They are often people who have had to deal with not so great things in this life. That can get in the way of love in a lot of ways.

12. They are hard to love.

They are difficult and you may not understand them as you do other people. You may feel as if they are pushing you away even though they aren’t.

13. They are often too afraid to love.

They are too afraid to be hurt or to lose the ones they love, so they try to avoid it. They are far too intense for those who cannot handle them.

14. They will not stay around when things are no longer comfortable for them.

This goes along with the last reason, fear. If things become uncomfortable they may hit the high road to avoid getting hurt.

15. They will not give it up easily.

Yes, I mean sex. They want a connection first and people this day and age tend to hook up first and get to know one another later. With an old soul that does not fly.

Are you an old soul? Does this sound like someone you know? Old souls are the best kinds of people to love if you are the right match for them.