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While many spiritual people would like to believe they are awakened, they are surely mistaken. In fact, I would be so brazen as to claim that at least 80 percent of those claiming to be enlightened is far from it.

So what does an awakened person look or act like? To be honest, that is a difficult question to tackle and could take ages to thoroughly. With that being said, there are common habits shared among the enlightened that can surely help to narrow down the answer to your question.
So are you going crazy, or are you actually becoming more spiritually aware? Read on to find out…

1. Suddenly Your Intuition Is ON POINT.

Out of nowhere, your gut feelings are completely right on, and you are learning to trust yourself. You have become more confident with your insight and feel as if you are aligning with the collective unconscious.

2. You can feel a true change within your being, without any other explanation.

Suddenly, for whatever reason, you feel as though you are a different person with a different purpose in life. While this may seem scary, go with your gut, you’ve got this.

3. You feel connected to everything, rather than isolating.

At the beginning of an awakening, you may find yourself wanting to isolate yourself away from the world. However, once you have begun to enter the world of spiritual enlightenment, and actually dive into another realm of consciousness, you will feel more connected with others.

4. Animals will grow to feel kindred to your spirit.

For some, this may be something that has always been apparent in your life, but for others, this can become a major change in your life. If you notice animals coming to you when they likely didn’t before….you are on the right path.

5. You experience an inner peace like no other.

For once in your life, you may begin to feel more at peace with yourself and with your life. While this may be new to you, embrace this beautiful change as one of the many benefits of traveling down the road less traveled, or that of spiritual enlightenment/awakening.

6. Your empathy has increased exponentially.

You may begin to feel more in tune with your empathetic abilities and feel yourself becoming able to truly feel as others feel when they are around you. For some, this can feel as though you are reaching the brink of insanity, but don’t despair, these new traits will suit you well in the future. You only need time to grow to understand how to use them.

7. Feeling as though you belong in a more natural setting.

When you are outside, you feel as though you are at home. Out of nowhere, regardless of whether you were the outdoorsy type or not, you will become more prone to enjoying your time outside.

8. You feel like an outsider in your normal group of friends.

People who were once kindred spirits are now making you feel as though you are an outsider. You don’t belong where you were once at home.

9. You experience a deep sadness about the condition of the world.

While it once was not an issue to you, or perhaps you were just apathetic, you are now becoming aware of the state of the world and how other people that you have never met are experiencing life. It may be scary, but this is just the second step of your empathy becoming enhanced.

10. You yearn for meaning in your life.

Once upon a time, you may have led a life with little to no meaning or purpose. But now, you may be wanting a little more out of life, or something that you have never experienced. Find what makes you feel happy, driven and motivated, and the world will be your oyster.

11. You are suddenly inspired to create something meaningful.

Whether you are wanting to create a piece of art, or find some meaningful way to leave an impact on the face of this Earth before you go, your desire has changed. This is an amazing sign.

12. You have become more open-minded.

In the past, you may have been more judgmental, but lately, you are feeling open to new ideas. This isn’t a bad thing, instead, it means something major.

13. You cut toxic people out of your life.

Similar to spring cleaning, you suddenly know that it is time to cut ties with people who are toxic and only bring negativity into your life.

14. You are no longer fake in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

Instead of changing who you are based on who you are with, you become your authentic self when you are experiencing an awakening.

15. You look at the world with a new curiosity.

Like a baby experiencing their first glance at the world, you are more curious about your surroundings than you have ever been.

Image via Gostica