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Dating is not always an easy endeavor, especially when you end up with the wrong one. Even worse, is the heartbreaking moment you realize that something has gone awry.

In a very interesting Tweet, @Oloni asked, “You ever think about the men who said they liked you before and suddenly realized they actually really hated you”. In response, she received thousands of comments from women who wanted to tell their experiences. Below, I have shared 14 of those.

1. @IfeSznn writes

I drove 5 hours to him & ended up getting stranded halfway cuz my car broke down. I called him to tell him & all he said was “damn”. Didn’t offer to come pick me up, didn’t offer any resolutions, nothing … Ended up waiting in the nearby train station for hours …

2. @YoungGonzales_ writes

The man broke up with me a week before our 3-year anniversary went on vacation with me after, and was talking to his boo on FT in front of me while we was there. I’m stupid.

3. @sycuhdelik writes

Me & this dude I was talking to would bicker over little things (almost like siblings). After another petty argument, he thought he’d “lighten the mood” wit a “joke” and said if he ever saw a group of men trying to take advantage of me, he’d stop, laugh, and keep walking.

4. @Jizbeano1 writes

Ended up in the hospital with a freak stroke at 27, The guy I was seeing got pissed I never called while recovering in the hospital, didn’t have a charger for my phone, and it took me three days to find his work number in the phone book. Left a message about where I was.

5. @IvoryL3710 writes

When I had a car wreck, totaling my car and instead of coming with me to the hospital, he went to his flag football game.

6. @krash619 writes

He told me he’d never get married. After 16 years he cheated on me, married the woman he cheated with, and then told her family I was never more than a “hookup”.

7. @taybugg1991 writes

When he bought me a Valentine’s gift this year, only for it to show up two weeks late and just be a present for him instead. Also, should’ve taken it as a warning by the temper he gets when we argue. Never seen anyone go so explosive and abusive so fast.

8. @JessicaHedges6 writes

My husband called me a lazy bitch and weak because I used a personal/sick day when I wasn’t sick. When I explained those days were considered part of my salary and if I didn’t use them by a certain date, I would lose them, he told me I was manipulating the system and Un-American.

9. @SoniaMGraham1 writes

When he came clean about cheating on me, our entire marriages (11 years) with at least 17 women physically AND his own sister.

10. @daisabenaa writes

Spent Valentine’s Day with his girl best friend. When he got home, he put a Polaroid picture of them both and a plastic red rose she got him on display on his wall

11. @Cindy87798017 writes

I was living with him at the time when he invited his baby mama from another province to visit him. Had to go back home to give them space. He would fetch me to go have intimacy with him at his cousin’s place after work before he went home to his baby mama. I turned into a side chick!

12. @mynamehere46 writes

I was presented with a box that held beautiful diamond earrings……then was asked to put them in….HIS ears…on Easter….which that year happened to fall ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I got nothing….not even his presence at Easter/birthday dinner……we were married…

13. @amy_greenwell writes

When my ex cheated on me because he deserved a pretty girlfriend, and it wasn’t fair on him.

14. @___Tiaire___ writes

When the guy I was with for almost 2 years cheated on me repeatedly unprotected. And when I asked him why he didn’t have an answer and if he even cared how I would have felt, he said no.