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Relationships are not easy, they come with a lot of hard work and struggles. While you might be happy and stuck all over one another in the ‘honeymoon’ phase once that dies down, the things to come might really make or break your relationship as a whole.

Below, I am going to go over some tips on how to keep your relationship alive and well throughout the hardest times. While you might be unable to stand on solid ground for a little while, the things you’re going through are only temporary. As long as no one is being mistreated and the two of you remain on the same page, nothing can tear you apart.

14 Tips For Keeping The Spark Going In Your Relationship:

1. Be more passionate when you engage physically.

Don’t be afraid to give your partner a long kiss or embrace them properly. Just because you don’t have much time before work or something else of the sort doesn’t mean those few extra seconds can’t make a difference. You would be surprised how needed and wanted this kind of thing can make the person you care the most for. Consider “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman to better understand each other’s needs.

2. Write simple notes for one another to find.

Leaving small and simple notes in your partner’s lunch or elsewhere could literally light up his or her day. While it might not seem like much this reminds them that you’re thinking of them. While a bit cheesy, this is something anyone can do.

3. Nag less, sometimes we get too worked up over things that just aren’t important.

Sure, we sometimes feel like complaining is necessary, but it isn’t always as important as we make it out to be. If you have to make your point, do it but think things over first. Are you nagging too much, and is what you’re nagging about actually worth nagging about?

4. Release tension together through massage.

Massages are great ways to really come closer and lighten the mood. This will bring a deeper sense of intimacy and allow both of you to release tension. It is a win-win all around. “The Art of Sensual Massage” book can guide you in giving each other relaxing and intimate massages.

5. Take a trip together if possible.

If you’re both getting frustrated and don’t feel like you’re spending enough time together, go on a trip. Spend some time doing something fun. The two of you deserve a vacation every once in a while.

6. Stop to appreciate one another.

Really think about your partner and all he or she does for you. Appreciate this person for who they are and the life you share together. Don’t think about all the bad, really come to terms with the good.

7. Set specific tech-free times within the household.

Sometimes we get too caught up in technology and while it is inevitable in this day and age, it is something we can work on. Set specific times in which you are supposed to turn things off and be with one another properly. This will benefit the whole household.

8. Try something new in the bedroom.

If you’re getting bored, don’t hesitate to try something new in the bedroom. Sit down and figure out what you two want to try, and go for it. You would be surprised at the number of things there are present in this world that will really get that fun going again. “101 Nights of Great Sex” by Laura Corn offers creative ideas for couples.

9. Be willing to apologize when it’s needed.

When you have done something wrong, apologize. We are all human and when we mess up we have to own up to it. This will provide both of you a firm footing moving forth.

10. Actually, go out for date night.

Stop putting date night off, get together and go out. Have some one-on-one time and really enjoy one another’s company. You two should be seeing one another on this level at least once every couple weeks, if not more.

11. Ask your partner what is lacking and work on things in those areas.

If you think that things need work but aren’t sure where to begin, ask your partner. Talk about the problems you’re facing and work through how to fix them. You have to be willing to compromise, otherwise things won’t work.

12. Stop and actually talk/listen to one another.

Hear your partner out when something is bothering him/her. Stop and talk to one another on a proper level. Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship.

13. Stop expecting everything to always be perfect.

Perfection in this world does not exist. Stop expecting your partner to be someone he or she isn’t and don’t make the expectations you hold him or her to exceedingly high. We are all only human.

14. Stop keeping score and just enjoy one another’s presence.

As noted above we all make mistakes. Stop bringing up the past and tearing one another down just enjoy the moment you’re facing and go from there. Keeping score is only a means of holding you and your relationship back.