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When it comes to being in a relationship, most people assume it will be easy but love doesn’t work that way. Love is much harder than we realize.

True love is not as common as people think. It is something most people never actually find. When you find your true love you will know. It will be like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Sure, I know you’re thinking ‘damn that’s cheesy,’ but it is the truth. True love can be just as wonderful as it is made out to be but it isn’t always like that. There are ups and downs to everything.

If you don’t feel the following things, what you have is not true love. Don’t get me wrong, you can love people without it being true love and you can have some great long lasting relationships with those people but in the end what you have with them just isn’t as great as it could be. True love is special and it doesn’t come into our lives if we aren’t ready. Is what you have true love?

14 Things You Will Feel When You Are Finally With Your ‘True Love’:

1. You feel connected.

It’s like there is something drawing you to one another. You feel like this person is someone you were meant to be with. A connection is felt right off the bat.

2. You feel an unexplainable romantic attraction.

You are so romantically attracted to this person that you cannot stand it. They are perfect for you even with their quirks. Everything is as it should be and as in any good relationship, an attraction is necessary.

3. You feel out of place but good.

This is not something you have experienced before but in a good way. You feel odd and that is perfectly normal. This will become a lot easier in time.

4. You feel like you are learning more about yourself.

The closer you get to this person the more you find out about who you are in general. Through becoming better in your relationship you are also becoming better at who you are. No, you are not changing who you are it is more like you are discovering who you are.

5. You feel vulnerable.

This is also perfectly normal. We all feel vulnerable sometimes. Sharing your vulnerable side and being comfortable in doing so is important when it comes to your true love. Are you able to show this person the sides of yourself that you do not share with anyone else?

6. You feel ready to move forward into the unknown.

You are ready for whatever this relationship has in store for you. You are head over heels and ready to continue on. This is a scary feeling but also a nice one.

7. You feel like you can trust this person.

This person has never done anything to betray you or break your trust. You can trust him or her with all you have and all you are. Your secrets are safe.

8. You feel like this person listens to you in ways no one else ever has.

This person listens to you, truly listens to you and you do the same for him/her. It is as if you are both one and everything you share is just an extension of the other. I know that sounds cheesy, but if you have ever felt this before you will know exactly what I am talking about.

9. You feel like you are part of something loving and wonderful even when you are fighting.

You are still in love and committed even during the bad times. Like all relationships, even with true love, there will be fights and arguments. How you handle them says a lot about your relationship with one another.

10. You feel as if you have a deep sense of peace even when times are hectic.

You are able to feel calmer and collected even during crazy moments. This person brings you comfort. He or she is basically your safety blanket in that sense.

11. You feel like there is no doubt in your mind that you have a future with this person.

You know that this person wants a future with you and that you want a future with them. You both are growing together and pushing one another to be the best that you can be. True love is all about learning life lessons together and reaching a higher purpose with one another.

12. You feel far more understanding than you have ever been before.

This person understands you. You both get along so well and nothing comes between you when it really matters. This person is always there for you in the same ways you are always there for him/her.

13. You feel more at home with them than you have with anyone else.

You feel as if this person is your home. This person helps you to truly appreciate things you never did before. Sometimes the home we thought we were longing for was more-so a connection with someone from a past life we had not yet found again.

14. You feel like their happiness means more than your own to you.

You want this person to be happy above all else. You do whatever you can to make that happen and they do the same for you. You enrich one another in this way.