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As we near the end of 2018, moving into 2019 will be a bit overwhelming. Sure, you might think you have things in order but the truth is, no matter how hard we try there will always be room for improvements.

The year 2019 is going to hold lots of mysteries and change for us all. Moving into this year won’t be simple but it will be positive in a number of ways. Rather than having a resolution that you won’t keep work to manifest things within your life. Through wishing or asking the universe to bring things to you, you can get a lot more done.

Regardless of who you are or where you are in your life’s path, the list of wishes below should resonate with you. In wishing for these things you are bringing awareness to the issues before you and allowing the universe time to really work its magic. During this time, do not give up, keep at it and push forward. The further you get the more you will receive in the end. Times might be hard but you can and will come out on top.

14 Things To Wish For As We Move Into 2019:

1. You should wish for guidance.

Moving into the new year you should wish for guidance. While this whole thing is a bit planned out, allowing the universe to send you signs will make a difference in things big time. Don’t take anything lightly and remember how important even the smallest things are.

2. You should wish for self-awareness.

Moving into the new year, you should wish for self-awareness. While you might already feel self-aware, chances are you have not looked into self-awareness properly. Elevate your mind and then see where you end up. Awareness is a very complex state and when it comes to being self-aware most would choose not to be.

3. You should wish for more patience.

Moving into the new year you should ask for patience. Patience is something most people are lacking. Cultivating it won’t be easy but it will be quite worth it in the end.

4. You should wish for emotional release.

Moving into the new year you should wish to release all of the pent-up emotions you’ve been holding within. You are not getting anywhere by bottling things up inside. Let it out and allow yourself to feel better, please.

5. You should wish for the ability to get over the past.

Moving into the new year you should wish for the ability to move on. While moving on is hard and letting go of the past is never easy it is something we must do. While the pain might still sting, getting over the past will bring you to be a much more functional person.

6. You should wish for some risks to take.

Moving into the new year you should wish for some risks to take. 2018 was a very boring year for you and it is time for you to put yourself back out there. Go have some fun and enjoy yourself.

7. You should wish for forgiveness both to give and to take.

Moving into the new year you should wish for forgiveness. Ask for the strength to be the one doing the forgiving and for others to forgive you as well. While moving on can be easy, letting go of grudges often is not.

8. You should wish for friendship.

Moving into the new year you should wish for friendship. Friendship is not easy to come by and you have to weed through some seriously sketchy people to find the ones worth keeping. Wish for someone to come into your life and take in all of the secrets you have only to never betray you, that is a feeling like nothing else you could imagine. Being able to trust someone on that level is truly magical.

9. You should wish to be surrounded by people who care for you.

Moving into the new year you should wish for the people you care about to stick around. Far too often we forget to remind the people we care about that we do just that. Don’t let them just fade away. Invite them over and surround yourself with those you truly love.

10. You should wish for the right mindset to move forward.

Moving into the new year you should wish for a better mindset. If you think about most things from a negative perspective, that needs to change. Promote positivity and work within to change the mindset you have. Wishing for it and asking the universe to help will only make it happen even quicker.

11. You should wish for strength.

Moving into the new year you should wish for strength. While we are all strong inside most of us are unable to tap into that. The more strength you cultivate the better. The universe will build you up is you allow it to.

12. You should wish for kindness to others and yourself.

Moving into the new year you should wish for kindness. You should be kind to the people you come in contact with and they should be kind to you. While it might be a bit frustrating at first the kinder you are the more used to it you will be as time passes.

13. You should wish for happiness.

Moving into the new year you should wish for happiness. This is something we cannot thrive without. The happier you are the better your year will be.

14. You should wish for courage.

Moving into the new year you should wish for courage because you will need it. There will be a lot of hard moments in your life that you have to face and you need the courage to do just that. While courage is not something many think about it comes in handy, big time.