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It seems we are all searching for “the one” and yet most of us have not found him or her yet. Why is that?

Many people of the past and even gurus of the day have been pointing us in the directions we need to go to find “the one” but we aren’t really listening. If you haven’t found your one true love yet it is either because you are looking in the wrong places or you are trying too hard. Sometimes you have to stop looking for love when you really want to find it, it will come looking for you.

If you want to know whether who you are with is right for you then they most likely are not. Take a look at the things below, all of these things have been said by many experts time and time again. When in a relationship if you don’t have the following things, you don’t really have a relationship.

14 Undeniable Signs You Have Found “The One”

1. You both are able to laugh together.

A good sense of humor is important. You need to be able to lighten each other’s mood. If you cannot laugh from time to time you will not be happy.

2. You can trust one another.

You know this person is not going to cheat on you or lie to you. You would never do anything to break your trust with each other and neither would your partner. Without trust, a relationship will not work.

3. You are committed to one another.

You do not cheat on one another. You are both very invested in the relationship. Nothing is going to come between you two.

4. You are able to communicate properly.

You can talk to each other and really get problems solved. If there is a miscommunication you two can fix it properly. Talking things out instead of getting worked up really helps in the long-run.

5. You do not have to force yourself to stick things out.

You both want to be in this together. No one feels stuck and everyone is where they need to be. No one wants to be in a relationship that feels completely one-sided.

6. You still want to be there even during tough times.

You are always there for one another. Even when everything has gone to sh!t you still want to be together. Everything is working even when it isn’t.

7. You make one another better.

You bring out the best in each other. You push one another to be better and do better. It is almost like everything you do is part of working towards your future together.

8. You give freely to one another.

You give to one another without expecting something in return. You like to spoil your significant other when you can and even in the smallest ways it is a great sign. This means you truly want to be there and do nice things for one another.

9. You both have your needs taken care of, no one is above the other.

You are not putting your significant other’s needs before your own and vice versa. Everyone is on the same level and taken care of. You do not have to worry about anything.

10. You don’t play games with each other’s hearts.

You are not going to drag one another through the dirt. You take care of this person, and they take care of you. Games have no place in your relationship.

11. You talk about the future together.

You are working towards something. You both have goals and dreams and are pushing one another to be better. When you discuss the future you take each other into consideration.

12. You are comfortable with one another’s friends.

You can hang out with your significant others friends, and they can hang out with your friends. You both fit into one another’s circles and do not struggle to merge circles. When you have a get-together no one is left out.

13. You can be yourself with this person.

You can be who you truly are when it comes to being with this person. He or she loves you for you and not for your appearance or the things you have. You accept this person, and they accept you, flaws and all.

14. You care about each other and are willing to do things most would not.

You both really care about each other. You go out of your way to make his or her day better, and he or she does the same for you. You are always thinking about one another.