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Whether you notice the signs or not, when someone has fallen for you it is plain to see. Developing emotions are not as hard to spot as people think.

Men are especially easy to read. When he has fallen for you chances are you will begin to notice the following things. Love is something that goes much deeper than you might want to accept. Those warm fuzzy feelings are not as hidden as you assume. How hard did your man fall for you?

14 Signs He Is Falling Hard For You:

1. He is open and honest with you.

He is not a liar. He is going to always be honest with you. While you have had trouble trusting men in the past this one is easy to trust.

2. He likes to show you off.

He wants to hold your hand in public and be by your side. He likes to make it known that you are with him and vice versa. He really enjoys letting the world know how proud he is to have you in his life.

3. He notices all the small things about you.

He pays attention to everything that makes you who you are. He loves the wrinkles by your eyes and the dimples your cheeks make when you smile. Every small thing makes you all the more perfect in his eyes.

4. He talks about you to his friends.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and their friends have pretty much no idea you exist? This is a red flag for me that something is up. No, he doesn’t have to talk about you all the time but his friends shouldn’t be shocked at your existence when they see you out and about.

5. He is sharing his interests with you.

He is letting you in. Someone who is only using you will not let you in on a level like this guy is. He is making sure you are getting to know him, and he is working hard to get to know you. He wants you to know everything about himself.

6. He puts in a good effort when making connections with those you care about.

He plays nice at family gatherings. He wants your friends and family to like him. He is not one of those people who go out of their way to be disrespectful.

7. You can tell he cares about your safety.

He wants you to be safe no matter what. He will go above and beyond to ensure nothing happens to you. He is the kind of guy who will walk you to your door at night.

8. He listens to your advice.

He wants your advice when it comes to serious things in his life. He values your opinion. You are not just another booty call, the things you say and do matter to him.

9. He chooses his fights wisely.

When you two argue if it is not an argument worth having he gives up and lets you win. He knows that your relationship is worth more than that. He knows how to pick and choose the fights that are really worth it.

10. He is not afraid to show you how he feels.

He shows you that he cares, and is never closed off of cold towards you. You really matter to him on a level you may not have experienced before.

11. He remembers the things that are important to you.

He Remembers your favorite color and what kind of ice cream you enjoy the most. He pays attention to all the small things. You have someone who cares about you and wants to know you on a deep level.

12. He makes it known he will be there through the rough patches.

He makes sure you know that when times get tough he is not going to jump ship. He has made himself very clear. You do not have to worry about him running off. Chances are, you will eventually see this in action, as he will remain faithfully by your side through thick or thin.

13. He is spontaneous.

He surprises you in some of the best ways. You never have to worry about anything with him by your side. Every day is full of fun mystery.

14. He would drop everything for you.

He cares deeply for you. You know if you needed him, he would be there. All it takes is one phone call.