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In this time-period, healthy relationships are not as easy to find as they should be. Everyone is so superficial and finding someone worth being with long-term extremely hard.

There are a lot of things that go into making a relationship a positive and healthy one which for many closes them off to dating as a whole. We all need transparency, respect, and so much more when it comes to really settling down and creating a life together. Below I am going to go over some of the most important things in a relationship that further deem it healthy and if you’re lacking these things then chances are your connection isn’t anywhere near as positive as you want it to be.

14 Signs You’re Actually In A Healthy Relationship:

1. You let go of petty grudges.

Neither one of you carry petty grudges. When it comes to letting go, you both do it. Nothing is worth losing the person you love over, especially when it’s something as small as where you’re going to eat dinner at.

2. You both are still your own people.

Neither one of you has closed off those outside of the relationship. You both still like to go do things without one another and live your own lives. Individuality is important.

3. You have realistic expectations for one another.

You and your partner know your limits. You don’t want each other to be perfect and know that we all make mistakes. No one is being put too high up, everyone is on the same level.

4. There is a sense of trust present within the relationship.

You and your partner can trust one another above all else. You are there for one another when times are hard and know that your secrets remain between the two of you. Couples like this grow in ways others are not capable of.

5. You can communicate with each other.

Without communication, no relationship is going to last, period. You and your partner are able to talk to one another about anything. No matter what it is, you can come to each other and discuss whatever is bothering you within the relationship or otherwise.

6. You are friends with one another not just a ‘couple.’

Both of you get along well. You’re not just a couple, you’re friends and capable of removing romance from the mix. When you’re together you’re doing so much more than most other people.

7. You feel secure and safe with one another.

You make each other feel comfortable. You are both safe and secure together and have nothing to be afraid of. Wherever you are together is home and that is not something most people are able to find.

8. You are not afraid to disagree with one another.

You can both disagree with one another without creating a problem. You are both your own people and are aware of that. Just because you’re on different pages doesn’t mean that things have to change or that you cannot be together.

9. You are each other’s biggest motivators.

You both boost one another up and teach one another how to push forward. You can get through anything together and are able to chase your dreams. When everyone else thinks you’re unable to do something, your partner knows you can.

10. You take one another into consideration with decisions.

You are able to make decisions together. Because you’re so important in one another’s lives the things you do impact one another. Nothing is done without the other being taken into consideration beforehand.

11. You actually like spending time together.

As best friends you spend a lot of time together but once things are taken to the next level things get even closer. You love being around one another and love sharing memories. Life wouldn’t be the same if you were not where you are together right now.

12. You keep your relationship ‘details’ and ‘issues’ private within reason.

While you might still go to friends or close family for advice from time to time, overall you do not share your private issues with others. Neither of you posts about things like that online and you keep things closed off. This allows you to deal with your own issues together rather than allowing those from the outside looking in pick things apart.

13. You respect one another’s decisions.

You know that both of you are on the same page in how you’re moving forward. You respect one another and the decisions each of you make. Sure, you might question things from time to time but you don’t push. You know that at the end of the day, things are done as they have to be for the both of you.

14. You both know how to apologize when wrong.

When one of you makes a mistake an apology comes forth after. Neither one of you is above admitting when he or she is wrong. You both know that life is too short to waste time being pissed off about things that won’t matter a week from now.