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Reincarnation for those who may not quite be sure is essentially the belief that when we pass on our soul is born again into a new body as a new person. Some people believe this is a never ending process, and others believe we are only reincarnated for as many times as it takes to learn the things we need to learn.

Some people believe that we can only be reincarnated into humans and other people believe that we can actually be reincarnated into anything. Whether you are as in-depth as that or not there are signs that can help you to figure out where you are in your journey of reincarnation.

The list of signs below are some of the more common indicators that your soul has been here many times. You see, when it comes to reincarnation there are new souls who have not lived many lives, old souls who have been through a lot in this world and then, of course, there are the ancients who are nearing the ends of their journeys. Knowing where your soul is in the process will benefit you tremendously.

14 Signs Your Soul Has Been Reincarnated Many Times Before:

1. Your intuition is sharper than that of those around you.

Your intuition is far more heightened than the intuitions of the people in your life. You can sense things others cannot and you always trust your gut. Your intuition is more adept and experienced.

2. You experience a lot of Deja Vu.

You experience a lot of Deja Vu. For those who are not aware, Deja Vu is a feeling we get when we think we have experienced something before or been somewhere before. You may get on a bus only to think you had already done so just moments before.

3. You are extremely wise.

You are wise beyond your years. While you may be young your soul is old. You know things and are well-rounded. Other people your age are just not on the same level as you.

4. You are an Empath.

You are able to really feel the things other people are feeling. You can absorb their emotions and take them on as your own. The more we have lived the more empathic we become.

5. You have some memories that just don’t seem to be from this life.

You can recall some things that feel so real, but you are not quite memories of this life. People tell you they are mere dreams or things of the sort but you know they aren’t. While we usually lose any and all memories of past lives when we are young children some of us are able to hold onto a couple.

6. You are afraid of specific things for no reason.

You have unexplainable fears. This could be because you were forced to face this ‘fear’ in a past life. For instance, you are afraid of heights because in a past life you fell off the top of a building. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

7. You are drawn to a specific culture or time period.

This could be because you were alive in that time period through a previous life. It could have been a very significant period for you and your journey. This also goes for specific cultures, some make more of an influence on our journeys than we realize.

8. You just don’t feel connected with the people in your life.

You just feel out of place in general. The people in your life right now are not members of your soul family. You have not connected with them on the level you have those of your past lives.

9. You feel out of place and long for a ‘home’ you cannot recall.

You want to go home but do not know where home is. You yearn for a place you have not yet been to in this life. This wanderlust is almost crippling. You just want to find a place you feel is where you are meant to be.

10. You yearn for meaningful deep connections.

You long to meet members of your soul family. You want the connections that come with being a part of something bigger, but you have not quite experienced it yet. You know there is something you are lacking in this life.

11. You are drawn to a life of traveling.

You know that you are missing something and you want to go find it. Your life is full of wanting to go places and see things. Don’t let these dreams just fade, travel if you must.

12. You recognize things from different lives through a feeling that is like nothing else.

You come across things sometimes that you just know were a part of your life at some point. This could be a photograph in a book or even a building. You just know it has impacted you in some way, and that you are drawn to these things.

13. You become overwhelmed with this world often.

You are not sure how to take the things you are feeling so you often isolate yourself. This world is very overwhelming and you know that recharging and disconnecting a bit is helpful. Your mind is always on the move.

14. You have recurring dreams.

Sometimes you dream of the same thing for nights on end. This is a sign that there is something coming up in your life. You are headed towards another lesson.