Emotional abuse is a very common thing in this day and age. For some reason rather than taking care of our partners in all the ways we should, many of us either ignore their feelings or dismiss them as reasonable at all.

When it comes to dating, if you find yourself in a relationship with someone who is emotionally abusing you, you should get out as quick as possible but for many reasons that does not often happen. While we all hit rough patches and sometimes we’re not going to be on the same page we shouldn’t be tearing each other down. Love is all about building one another up and creating a proper life together.

Whether you’re getting on one another’s nerves a bit here and there or actually going full force and causing serious damage to one another, you need to be aware of where you land in the world of abuse. There is no excuse for this kind of thing and being aware of the signs can help you to figure out where things need to stop and what might be worth pursuing.

Below I am going to go over some signs that many people don’t stop to think about that come with emotional abuse. If your partner is doing these things to you, he/she isn’t worth your efforts. You deserve someone that will be there for you in a positive manner.

14 Signs You Are Probably In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship:

1. Your partner never admits when he/she is wrong.

Even when you know your partner is wrong he or she will never own up to it. They are always right in their own minds above all else. This can seriously drive you crazy.

2. Your partner always makes fun of you when you’re sad/upset.

When you’re at your most vulnerable your partner finds a place to attack and goes straight into it. You try not to show your weak side around him/her for this reason. They offer you no comfort when it’s needed.

3. You never get apologies from your partner, ever.

Even when you need an apology from your partner, he/she won’t be willing to give one. They never feel that they do anything wrong, so they never feel the need to apologize. It’s like the harder you try to get one, the further from it you end up.

4. You find that your partner never wants to accept your feelings as real.

Your partner always says you’re overreacting or making a big deal out of nothing. Your very normal responses to the things he or she does are taken out of context and turned against you. This is not okay, period.

5. You’re always being pressured into doing things you otherwise wouldn’t.

The more you try to fight this person the more they will pressure you into doing things. You find yourself doing things you don’t want to do and wouldn’t normally do to make him/her happy. This is not love, this is manipulation.

6. You feel more like a slave than a lover.

You don’t feel like you’re in a real partnership/relationship. You feel like you’re a slave in the world of your lover and it’s painful. You don’t know how to move forth but you also don’t want to remain where you are.

7. You’re very closed off from the people who care for you thanks to your partner.

You and your partner are all alone together. You have been isolated through the time that you’ve been with this person, and they did this to you intentionally. The more closed off you are from your friends and family the more control they can have over you.

8. You’re always being blamed for the things/problems of your partner.

When something goes wrong in the life of your partner, he or she always blames you for it. You find yourself being blamed for things you literally have no control over and it sucks. This is something that most people struggle to come to terms with facing.

9. You do not feel secure with your partner.

If you’re not feeling secure with your partner there is something very wrong. The home you have built with your partner should be your safe space. You should feel 100 percent comfortable around the person you’re the most intimate with.

10. You and your partner are always arguing but getting nowhere.

If you find that you and your partner argue 24/7 without resolving any problems that should be a red flag. If you’re talking but not being able to solve the problems before you then one or both of you are not willing to compromise at all and things aren’t going to work. There is no sense in wasting time in this manner.

11. Your partner loves humiliating you.

If your partner goes out of his/her way to humiliate you in public or embarrass you in front of people you need to find a new partner. We all have our insecurities, and he or she should not be using yours against you. As this occurs overtime your self-esteem will seriously drop.

12. When things get tough your partner walks out.

When things get tough and energies are high your partner won’t face you. He or she blows up and leaves. They walk out leaving you to figure out what is happening. While they usually come back and pretend nothing happened the next day, it’s an emotional roller coaster NOT worth the ride.

13. You’re very unhappy in general within the relationship.

If you’re unhappy there is no sense in being with the person you’re with. Above all else your happiness matters. You should never compromise something like this for the sake of merely being by someone’s side.

14. You find yourself being very careful about what you say to keep on your partner’s good side.

If you are walking on eggshells and struggling to keep your partner from exploding you need to move on. There is no sense in having to deal with this kind of thing. Your partner if he/she really cared would work on his/herself enough for the relationship to function properly.

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